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August 07, 2019

Beyond The Bridal Lehenga: Four Designers Provide A Fresh Take On Indian Couture

Compiled by Shweta Navandar and Ojas Kolvankar

With India Couture Week 2019 coming to an end, 4 ‘unconventional’ couturiers share their vision of what couture could also look like.

Ode to Odd

“When we speak of couture, we think that it is something innovative, exclusive and comprises excellent craftsmanship. There has been such an easy access to surface ornamentation in our country that it has become the norm of Indian couture. We, however, believe that couture is what goes inside the making of a garment, the kind of processes it has undergone and the level of craftsmanship it exhibits. A well-tailored suit made using a luxe fabric is the definition of couture for us. A garment that goes beyond surface ornamentation and explores the diverse craftsmanship of our country as well as focusses on Indian textiles, silhouettes and garment-construction. Actor Rachel Singer, who wears bespoke tailored suits, inspires us. Her work is truly inspiring and a piece of art as seen in this photograph.”
–Shreya and Priyal Mewara, Co-founders


“As a designer, one can draw inspiration from rich textiles and well-structured silhouettes. The gradual return of handmade and rich artisanal work has allowed handwoven and embroidered textiles to become the highlight in a garment. In a world of couture inhabited with opulent ensembles, big and bold statement pieces, we are now celebrating intimate details, which are my favourite.”
–Priyanka Kaul, Founder

The Pot Plant

“For me, couture is personal and one-of-a-kind. What started out as a fashion term has evolved through the decades. In a nutshell, couture is an experience that was created just for you and we live that every day in the experiences that we have. According to me, visualizing a certain thing in my mind and seeing it come to life using bandhani is a magical process. From the inception to completion, each dot, each thought is different and unique.”
–Resham Karmchandani, Co-founder

Ura Maku

“Couture for us is a unique form of minimal art – something like ‘less is more’ – but carries enormous emotions within. It’s not just a piece of glamorous garment but wearing it would bring a sense of pride that you made a good choice. A piece of art that involves emotions giving definition to luxury in a way that is more purposeful in wearing. Fabric could be made from recycled/upcycled unconventional materials, hand worked/woven into an interesting tailored piece that involves empowering the handcrafted local artisans. The couture wearer today is a lot more aware and not an ordinary person – someone who’s representing that piece of art and is mindful of the story behind it. That for us is future of Couture fashion. For instance, Emma Watson’s Met Gala 2016 dress.”
–Manjushree Saikia, Co-founder

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