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June 12, 2015

Beauty Notebook: 9 Ways To Transform Your Hair

Text by Aparrna Gupta

Verve explores how Indian women can make the most of their lustrous locks

Despite following the latest hair trends, Indian women strive to retain a sense of mane individuality. Ralf Boss, creative director, Asia South Pacific, TIGI  has been working in Asia for about eight years, but his recent Mumbai visit left him surprised. “I was amazed to see that many Indian women have long hair and not many colour their hair, which is quite different from East Asian countries. Also, contrary to my experience in other countries, I find Indian women are concerned about the quality and texture of the hair.”

9 tips to gorgeous tresses by Ralf Boss

1. Style your hair, play with length: Long hair looks fabulous if styled correctly. The first step is to understand your hair. Curly hair needs high creamy products while straight hair looks fabulous with products that add shine.

2. Understand your hair’s natural movement: Hair has to be set free and allowed to move according to its natural movement. Performing straightening treatments is where Indian women go wrong.

3. Always use a finishing product: Most Indian women have beautiful, shiny hair but they often avoid using a finishing product. A finishing product protects hair against the weather conditions and humidity, besides giving hair an enviable texture.

4. Oil your hair: Your grandma was right – oil massages are great for the hair and scalp. Whereas the world over, women are trying to inculcate this habit, it’s good to know that hair massages are a tradition here.

5. The easiest to-go hairstyle: The hairstyles may differ according to the hair length. Layers are the key to long hair, but can look unbalanced if they are too long. I personally believe that a one-length bob is an easy to-go hairstyle.

6. Cheat’s guide to fuller hair: The basic trick, which many people do not know about, is to first apply the products to the area where you have the most hair and then go back to sections with less hair. With this, your hair looks balanced and can be made to look interesting.

7. Give time to your hair: I would recommend that you give more time to your hair by getting up early in the morning. Use the right products and blow-dry your hair for at least eight minutes to achieve the perfect look.

8. Beat the heat: Climate plays a huge role in the upkeep of hair. The more humid it gets, the more hold and control is needed from the products. TIGI Bed Head Control Freak Serum helps control humidity while TIGI Bed Head Foxy Curls Contour Cream tames the curl and fights frizz. TIGI Bed Head Totally Baked Volumising and Prepping Meringue is a non-greasy product that works great on all hair lengths.

9. Make yourself a hair cocktail: This is the recent trend. Hair Cocktailing is a pairing of hairstyling products to attain the correct hold and texture.

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