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November 29, 2016

Beauty Lessons From The House of Clarins

Text by Aparrna Gupta

Prisca Courtin-Clarins talks about Spa by Clarins, and beauty tips that actually work!

Her first visit to India left her fascinated with the colours and sights of Rajasthan. She returns, nearly after a decade, to launch Spa by Clarins at the newly opened W Goa hotel. Meet Prisca Courtin-Clarins (granddaughter of  the Clarins founder Jacques Courtin-Clarins) who is in charge of development at Spa Activities. In a freewheeling conversation, she talks about unique treatments from Clarins and beauty lessons for good skin.

Growing up surrounded by the business of beauty…
“As a child, I remember having lunch with my grandfather every Sunday and he would explain the importance of skincare to us (me and my cousins), even though we were only 10 years old! He would never ask us to get involved in the family business, but would approach us differently. He would seek our advice on names, textures and fragrances. He talked about Clarins all the time and so, very subtly, gave us his passion.”

Going back in time…
“About 60 years ago, my grandfather created oils for the face and body, which were free of preservatives and made entirely of plant extracts. The three face treatment oils — Blue Orchid, Santal and Lotus – targeted different skin concerns. For the body he created the Tonic, Contour and Relax oils. The smell of these potions, especially that of the Tonic Body Treatment Oil, makes me nostalgic.”

On effective application…
“For my grandfather, the application process was as important as the product. His philosophy was: ‘You can have the best product but if you don’t apply it well, you won’t optimise its effect on your skin’. He told us to never apply a cream while stretching the skin, for the fear of causing new wrinkles. Let the product penetrate by gently tapping it into the skin.”

What’s new at Spa by Clarins…
“We have a professional line called Clarins Pro, which we use only for treatments in our spas. For the Asian market in particular, we have a brightening range to tackle the damage caused by the sun and environment.”

A must-try treatment…
“The Art of Touch is a 90-minute session that blends facial and body treatments. It combines all the best techniques at Clarins and is the signature treatment at the spa.”

Morning skincare ritual…
“Clean your skin first thing in the morning. I use the Gentle Foaming cleanser and then apply a toning lotion, followed by the Double Serum and Multi-Active range. Apply a UV Plus sunscreen to protect skin from the sun and pollution.”

Beauty tip…
“Always end a shower with some cold water and then apply our Tonic Body Treatment Oil, from the ankle to the heart, to eliminate toxins.”

A unique approach…
“French women prefer beautiful skin with minimal make-up. For them skincare is more important than colour cosmetics. That’s why the Clarins make-up range is one that cares for the skin. For example, our foundation helps to moisturise and has anti-ageing benefits, and our mascara helps the lashes grow stronger.”

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