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November 27, 2015

Beauty Inspiration From Fall Runways

Text by Aparrna Gupta

Warm mustards, full-bodied marsala, a pinch of hot pink and a shot of black – here’s how to dress your face with the colours of the season

Imagine a glass of robust vino with a swirl of warm chocolate. Named after an Italian wine made in Sicily, this earthy, slightly dusty, reddish-brown shade has been declared as the colour of the year by Pantone.

Face Chart
A sexy colour, marsala exudes vintage charm and earthy glamour. Use this hue on the lips with mascara on the top lash line. Alternatively, “rock the smoky-eye look with marsala eyeshadow blurred with shimmering black cream shadow, bronzed contoured skin and matt nude lips,” says Abhilasha Singh, style director at Biguine make-up. “This warm and seductive red flatters a range of skin-tones and eye colours,” states Virginia Holmes, co-founder and co-owner of Fat Mu. “It pairs well with a mix of peachy pinks and sparkles against antiqued metallic gold.”

A Touch of Quirk
“While there is no denying how great this shade will look on the nails, marsala highlights in the hair can be a fun trend to try,” suggests Holmes.

Haute Hint
Give yourself a rock-n-roll feel with smudged eyeliner and vino-stained lips, looking like as if you have just come in from a night of drinking lots of red wine!
– Bianca Hartkopf, Make-up & Hair Expert

Among the deep, dark and warm hues of winter, a splash of electric pink thrilled the runway with its sheer exuberance, while demure pastels took on a flirty, playful avatar.

Face Chart
Evoking a sense of joy and optimism, hot pink instantly makes you feel younger. If you want to wear this hue with glamorous sophistication, go with smoky, dark eyes and nude lips. To capitalise on its fun image, let your lips speak in bright shades. “Focus on one single element. Either go for bold lips with subtle eyes, or fuchsia nails paired with understated lips,” says Holmes.

A Touch of Quirk
“Do not be shy — go all out with a neon pink lip colour,” advises Bianca Hartkopf, make-up & hair expert.

Haute Hint
Nude eyeshadow, voluminous lashes and glossy pink lips — this look never fails to create an impression.
– Abhilasha Singh, Style Director, Biguine Make-up

Just as sunrays cheer up a cold winter morning, streams of deep mustards, gold and sunny yellows instantly warm up your mood. A shade all set to capture our collective imagination is Minion-yellow, inspired by the delightful characters in the blockbuster animation film.

Face Chart
Less is more when using this colour on your face. If overdone, you run the risk of looking like a sunflower! Holmes shows us how to effortlessly include this colour. “Use a bright yellow eye pencil to define your eyes. Keep it sharp and definite. A hint of yellow near your tear duct, while the rest of your eye dons glamorous neutral tones, will also work.” Painting your nails yellow is a safe way to wear the colour. To complement a yellow dress, let your lips shine in brown or burnt orange, while your top and bottom lashes are bathed in mascara. “A bright pink lipstick with rosy cheeks perfectly builds up the naughty-but-nice look,” states Hartkopf.

A Touch of Quirk
“Complement your yellow dress with eyes defined with purple, blue or green eyeliner,” recommends Singh.

Haute Hint
To be elegantly glam when wearing this extroverted colour, keep the eyes defined stylistically with a winged eyeliner.
– Clint Fernandes, Make-up Expert

When winter arrives, can black be far behind? Whether on its own or in company of others, this ubiquitous shade is synonymous with winter fashion. This year, though, it was spotted with deep red trimmings.

Face Chart
Wearing a neutral black dress is an invitation to be creative with your make-up. You can play it safe or go wild. Audrey Hepburn made the LBD iconic and nailed the elegant look — a clean face (read, the right foundation and concealer), voluminous lashes (thanks to coats of mascara or even false lashes) and lips sealed with a kiss of peach. You could also bring out your inner diva by colouring your mouth deliciously red. And if you dare, go bare on your face. Hartkopf prefers keeping one element raw:
“A dewy complexion that doesn’t hide imperfections, matte red lips and dark thick lashes.” A hint of glitter in midnight blue or deep purple on the inner corners of the eyes, instead of the conventional silver, is make-up expert Clint Fernandes’ way of interpreting black differently.

A Touch of Quirk
‘To own this trend, use black or deep plum shades on the lips’, says Sonic Sarwate, global senior artist, M.A.C Cosmetics.

Haute Hint
Contrast flirty lip hues such as bold pinks and oranges with delicate black graphic eyeliner in cool, modern strokes to reinvent the classic.
– Virginia Holmes, Co-owner and Co-founder, Fat Mu

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