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March 14, 2016

Verve Exclusive #FirstLook: Anupamaa AW 2016 Collection

Text by Tanisha Choudhury

Inspired by Nagaland, Anupama Dayal’s Autumn Winter 2016 collection is a playfully fierce one…

Anupama Dayal’s Autumn Winter 2016 collection to be shown at Amazon India Fashion Week, is a vibrant feisty one inspired by the various tribes of Nagaland. Tribal printed separates in semi-structured silhouettes make for great additions to brighten any winter wardrobe. The designer shares some exclusive images from her collection.

In a quick chat, Anupama Dayal talks to us about her inspiration for the collection and her favourite pieces…

1. What was the inspiration behind this collection? What was on your mood board?
“India is known as a land of rich and diverse culture. For this season, I have taken inspiration from the various tribes of Nagaland. A rich land brimming with a culture that is mysterious, beautiful and enigmatic. I have always been fascinated with different customs and this made me explore the Naga tribes for this season.”

2. What was the process of designing it like?
“A couple of months back I visited Nagaland and met with a lot of different tribes which made it easier for me to understand their history and implement it in my collection. The state is also known for its weaving techniques, basketry, textiles and weaponry, so I had a lot of fun making the accessories for this collection.”

3. What is the significance of the name ‘Fight & Feast’?
“Nagas have been known as the warrior clan who take great pride in their tribal heritage. They were also known for their fierce resistance to British rule. There are about 18 major tribes and various sub-tribes in Nagaland. And each tribe has their own festivals, where the whole village comes together to celebrate and feast.”

4. What about the Nagas drew you to them?
“As Indians we are used to being called ‘exotic’. To the western eye, our looks, dress, traditions, food, religion, philosophy all feel unusual and mystical. But there is one culture that for us, and for the rest of the world, tops all charts on exotic – the Nagas – head hunting, frighteningly aggressive and completely mysterious. A hidden jewel that has mesmerised and fascinated many a traveller.”

5. What key pieces from the collection would you recommend to people?
“The twist to the classic shirt dress is one piece I  would recommend everyone to have in their wardrobe. The draped day dress and the wide legged trousers are also classic must-haves.”

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