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July 07, 2017

Grassroot By Anita Dongre Plants Itself Firmly In New York

Text by Shubham Ladha

With a new store all the way in New York, Anita Dongre shows us why she’s truly become a global desi

It isn’t surprising that Anita Dongre is the first Indian designer to open a flagship store in New York City. She’s never one to be shy of working hard for her green dreams. Last year when Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge wore her dress on a trip to India, she became one of the most googled designers of the year and it put her right on the global map.

From starting out with a workshop in Dharavi to changing the face of prêt in India with three very different labels; AND, Global Desi and the eco-conscious, Grassroot, she’s tailored an impeccable life for herself. The last of those collections is about to start its own new chapter, making the streets of SoHo more fashionably aware and traditional.

Designed by architect Shonan Trehan, the space allows for ample natural light. It’s accentuated with elements of rose gold, cork, and recycled wood. The custom-made racks are inspired from the loom and shuttle and walls are paneled with handwoven Chanderi, telling a clear tale of the brand.

Sharing her thoughts, Anita says, “To the city that never sleeps, Grassroot brings a world of patience and crafts that don’t submit to a schedule. Every piece of fabric woven, block printed or embroidered is done by a group of artisans who give it the time and attention it deserves. This marriage of two distinct worlds is a dream come true.”

Excerpts from an interview with Anita Dongre…

What was the inspiration for the decor and how did you settle on its location?

Grassroot is aimed at designing clothes that are beautiful and hold a purpose. It is our sustainable luxury brand that celebrates traditional Indian craft through contemporary clothing. The brand is making its global debut in the heart of New York and the 1500 square feet space is located on Broome Street in a historic 1890 Romanesque Revival masonry building (designed by architect Alfred Zucker) with brick and sandstone. The building reflects the brand’s sensibility – the proud existence of heritage within a truly modern space.

What prompted you to open a store all the way in New York?

I love the vibe of New York. The amalgamation of different cultures resonates with the diversity in expression of Grassroot, which makes it the perfect global platform for us.

How do you think the collection will be received internationally?

Grassroot is aimed at international audiences who choose to be fashionable whilst being ethically conscious. New Yorkers are, in fact, well aware as far as fashion is concerned and I feel that they would appreciate the individuality of traditional Indian crafts on prêt wear.

Do you think the international customer will understand the collection’s essence of sustainability and tradition?

Individuals across the world are embracing the idea of sustainable fashion. Grassroot is a concoction of sustainability and tradition put together by India’s skilled artisan communities. Everything from the brand identity to the designs and the store décor conveys this message.

The store is located on 484, Broome Street (SoHo, Lower Manhattan), NY 10013, United States.

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