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January 09, 2017

Chasing Time Volume 2: In Pursuit of Cool

Text by Vikram Ramchandani

A man chronicles his adventures in the hunt for that most elusive of companions — the perfect wristwatch

Now having the privilege to tell time, it was only obvious that I had to do it in style. The Flik Flak started a tumultuous love affair with Swatch and this led me to the procurement of my second watch, the Pop Swatch. The Pop Swatch was a design marvel, it was the size of a pocket watch and had an independent strap that would allow you to literally pop your watch on and off your wrist. Before the Paneristis’ got snazzy with their various straps for various moods, Swatch brought about the beauty of strap swapping to the masses with the simplest of motions. However all that popping and locking and swapping caused me to lose the actual watch thus leaving me naked on the wrist.

The anxiety and my semi-senile disposition caused my mother fury yet brought about worry on the face of my father. This taught me two very important lessons in life, the first being that, understanding human psychology would give me unprecedented advantages in business and life. The second lesson which I still apply religiously today, is that I could simply, utterly, not have a wrist without a wristwatch. I eat, work, shower, sleep and do unmentionables with my it….

It was now time to select my next wrist companion, however certain criteria had to be met in strict measure. First and last, it had to be cool. The Pop Swatch got me more attention than a bee to honey and I didn’t want that ride to come to halt anytime soon. After precise deliberation I came a across a wristwatch that was more than just a watch, it was a cool watch, James Dean cool. It had buttons where no buttons had gone before, it had a screen, it had an alarm, it had the time, and it had a fighter jet. It was what, I imagined, would cause both Bill Gates and Nintendo to have innumerable sleepless nights. This was the gateway drug to a reckless chase for the different, whose potency was so violent that I was only able to let go of my lust for ‘cool’, years after my daughter was born.

This, children, was no ordinary watch, it was the Casio Cosmo-Flight. And this Casio started a love affair with all kinds of gadgetry and buttons that grossly affected my choice of timepiece in future years.

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Vikram Ramchandani is father to a beautiful girl and husband to an even more beautiful girl. Canadian but really Indian. Left university and home at 21 and became an investment banker for many unhappy people and is now an entrepreneur who employs many happy people. Is full katti with the current education system for mutating children into adults.

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