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August 31, 2018

A Day At LFW Through The Eyes Of Show Director Neeraj Gaba

Things are often more electric behind the scenes than on the ramp. Here’s all the energy, chaos and fashion witnessed by an insider

2.55pm: What the hair and makeup team does to ensure the shows run on time — grab the models wherever they find them and get to work.

3.08pm: A kiss helps when your hair is being pulled in every direction.

3.18pm: Each show ends with me screaming at all the guests to vacate the show area, so that the next designer can put in a few minutes of rehearsal.

5.06pm: It takes a team of 3 to ensure every show’s LED graphics get played at the right time and in the right order.

5.10pm: The madness that paves the path to a methodical showcasing.

5.14pm: Showstoppers too need to be briefed. Here, Varun Dhawan rehearses minutes before walking for Kunal Rawal.

5.25pm: And then, all that madness leads to a seamless show.

7.27pm: A rare moment of calm and peace for the HMU team before a storm of models hits them for last minute touch-ups before sashaying down the LFW ramp.

8.30pm: Razor sharp looks presented with laser-sharp beams for Pankaj & Nidhi’s show.

9.02pm: Gopal forgets during light check that each model is at least 1.5 feet taller than him and has to refocus.

9.05pm: TRESemmé decides to go all out with their hair art.

10.23pm: Undoing the magic backstage as they once again become two from one.

11.34pm: When the styling team decides ‘we can only do so much’.

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