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September 10, 2015

5 Things We’ve Learnt on Hermès’ New Website

Text by Wyanet Waz

Everything a woman needs to know about Hermès’ website for men

Ever since we heard about Hermès launching a new website specifically for men, we’ve been religiously snooping in to get a first glimpse. Finally up and running, Le MANifeste d’Hermès greeted us with an intriguing ‘A man, a list, a twist.’ As we Sherlock-ed our way through their listicle, here are some footnotes for the inquisitive woman.

1. Symmetry is not necessary

In ‘3 ways to be the king of the castle’, you have Hermès giving you life lessons as artistically as possible. There are minimalist, artistic sand castles (no, they are not path-breaking structures), in the brand’s signature style, with notes like ‘Make sharp edges and lines.’ Hermès also says ‘Symmetry is not necessary.’ And since we’re already gaga over asymmetry, this must be God-sent.

2. We were really failing at x-ray visioning

In ‘4 bags to get you guessing’, Hermès devised a fun game you could play in between a monotonous board meeting. It’s very much like one of those Google doodles but for the luxe soul. No matter how hard we tried guessing the items, we were constantly distracted by the bags! Clearly, as the many memes and movies have reiterated, seeing through things is possibly a man’s forte.

3. Tie-travelling should be a real thing

No, you haven’t spotted a typo and we haven’t missed an ‘m’. In one of the ‘3 plans to take a break with your tie’, Hermès shows an animated video of a man being transported to various locations, with a tug on the tie. So the next time we’re granted three wishes, we know what to ask.

4. We can’t dance for nuts, but we’ve learnt to slide

And even smoother than cream cheese! Their list of the ‘5 steps into the swipe’ will show you a specific kind of slide step in slow-mo, which we are saving for the next sangeet performance.

5. Poetry just got quirky

This fun exercise titled ‘65 words to spark your inner poet’ gives you a random mix of words and lets you write your own poetry. So it will definitely include words like ‘graphic’, ‘lizard’, ‘seduces’ and ‘horse’ in no particular order. So, if your metrosexual man sends you some esoteric poetry today, you know who inspired him.

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