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December 03, 2018

5 Picks From The Iconic Studio Malabar’s New Store

Text by Akanksha Pandey. Photographs by Debarati Sanyal

With a legacy of over 60 years at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai, the iconic lifestyle and fashion store can now be found in the quaint lanes of Chowpatty. Studio Malabar is everything luxury, nostalgic, and a class apart. We bring you the 5 best picks to last you a lifetime

Plates as Decor 

A common sight in many Parsi households, antique plates make for beautiful displays. Elevated to create interesting wall art or simply displayed on delicate wooden tables or chests, these plates are a unique way to introduce history into a modern design aesthetic.

Regal Offering 

From skillfully hand-hammered boxes to intricately crafted vessels and sculpted idols, India is renowned for its beautiful brassware work, which also holds historic value. Studio Malabar curates a section of finely made brass products that will enhance any space with a touch of timeless utility.

Hand to Hand

An exquisite range of hand-embroidered silk purses and clutch bags at Studio Malabar are perfect for a classic evening soiree. They can also double up as delicate jewellery keepers and a fine replacement for leather extras.

Keepers of Textiles

Studio Malabar champions Indian textiles by producing custom-made clothing in heritage crafts. A bespoke range of hand-woven saris, scarves and home décor (especially the cushions) products perfectly reflect the essence of our culture.

Antique Effect

Statement restored home décor — furniture, artefacts — come with transformational powers and vintage appeal. Crafted in house, candle stands and jewellery boxes bring rustic luxury to contemporary interiors.

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