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October 21, 2016

43 Thoughtful Gifts For The Festive Season

Compiled by Sadaf Shaikh

If you’ve spent hours scouring the internet fruitlessly for the perfect gift, stop. We have your back.

Presenting your guest with meticulously selected home decor could earn you brownie points, especially if you’ve been to their house before and are fully equipped to exclaim, “I came across this while shopping and just had to pick it up for that tiny coffee table in your living room.”

High-end speakers are a music enthusiast’s catnip. Gift a friend one of these and win endless sessions of listening to Bohemian Rhapsody on loop. The advantage of gifting wearable technology is that there isn’t really a single person who doesn’t covet a smart watch except those who already own one.

What’s better than a present that you can find useful as well? Presenting your friend with one of these decadent poker boxes or card sets guarantees an enthusiastic invite to subsequent game sessions.

A holiday is the perfect way to tell your near and dear ones that you care about them and would like them to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. And they won’t want to refuse after seeing these lavish hide-outs.

Limited or special editions of cult books are every bibliophile’s paradise. This Harry Potter edition from Etsy comes with wands on the spines, stamped copper plates and removable Horcruxes. Let your friend know that if they’re lucky enough, they might just spot a snowy white owl with a thick envelope between its beak.

The answer to ‘How many notebooks can you hoard before you get sick of them’ isn’t a rational number. If your friend is a pop-culture fiend, pick from Moleskin’s range of delightful diaries. If you are friends with an adult who has bouts of spontaneous self-combustion, Johanna Basford’s Secret Garden is an effective human tranquiliser.

The ideal choice of gift for a friend that resents you for discussing your favourite TV shows way too often. Maybe they could give you a lesson or two when you meet next.

It will be surprisingly tough to find someone who isn’t bitten by the wanderlust bug. Gift them an elegant chest or a watch trunk so that you’re always on their mind even when you’re continents apart.

We’re personally vouching for these charming fragrances. We have our eye on the Marc Jacobs one that doubles up as a cute clutch as well!

Have a friend who recommends beauty products for every make-up concern? It’s payback time with these elaborate festive hampers replete with carefully curated products.

While saris have always been a traditional giveaway, this time turn it around by gifting beautiful handwoven saris from Raw Mango or quirky renditions from Anavila.

For someone who is an admirer of silk and cashmere stoles, pick one of these Hermès scarves just for the intricate artwork.

Gifting chocolates during the festive season is a no-brainer. But if you resort to novel presentation techniques, like a customised cupcake carousel, it will be far from ordinary.

These opulent potations promise your guests a grand ol’ time and may even lead to some hilarious stories to be recounted the next morning.

For friends who relish exotic brews, these cleverly curated tea kits will leave them spoilt for choice!

Finally, gift a loved one a polaroid camera so that they can have tangible reminders of their memories. We are already coveting the limited edition Michael Kors X Fujifilm version as well as the handbags fashioned after it.

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