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August 20, 2018

IMC Ladies’ Wing’s The Women Entrepreneurs’ (WE) Exhibition Returns To Mumbai

Empowering its participants, the latest edition organised by the Ladies’ Wing of the IMC Chamber of Commerce and Industry, brings to the table a plethora of offerings.

Everyone’s favourite shopping extravaganza is back in its 31st edition, now bigger than ever. The Women Entrepreneurs’ (WE) Exhibition, hosted by the IMC Ladies’ Wing, is set to take place next month amidst great fanfare.

“The vision of the IMC Ladies’ Wing is to empower women entrepreneurs and encourage them in every way possible to attain greater success in their endeavours. My chosen theme for the year, ‘Stronger Together’ echoes this vision completely,” says lawyer and president of the wing, Mohana Nair. Adds Kaushika Hemdev, director of Ghanasingh Fine Jewels and chairperson of the exhibition committee, “The IMC Ladies’ Wing WE Exhibition sets the benchmark for the display of India’s finest home talents, across so many categories, under one roof. People appreciate the careful curation of products and selection of participants. A structured business-to-business and business-to-consumer programme provides significant opportunities for them to grow their enterprises.” Featuring a whopping 240 participants, the carefully-curated event will include booths on fine jewellery, fashion, lifestyle, kids wear, fashion accessories, gourmet foods and even home decor, making it a delight for shoppers of all kinds. The gourmet section too — being the most popular offering last year — will add more delights this time. “Since it’s so popular, this year we have expanded the gourmet offering to include close to 25 participants offering a variety of gastronomical delights — from delectable cakes and pastries to delicious health foods and options for home catering at parties as well,” says Rekha Jhunjhunwala, co-chairperson of the exhibition committee. Parul Patel, also co-chairperson of the same, adds, “The exhibition has grown in strength from year to year. True to its mission, the IMC Ladies’ Wing has also included 15 NGOs in its list of participants, lending a helping hand to the much-needed areas of societal concern.” The NGOs hope to raise awareness about women’s empowerment, education and children’s causes, and contributing to these foundations with a purchase is sure to make customers happy.

With advisors on the committee including names like Kokilaben Ambani, Urvi Piramal and Bina Modi, this year’s WE Exhibition promises to surpass all previous editions. As Vanita Bhandari, managing director of DBS Business Centers and vice president of the IMC Ladies’ Wing, aptly concludes, “The exhibition is carefully planned — right from the selection of participants to the way they are presented. They are mentored by experienced people in different fields. The look and feel of the exhibition puts it in a class of its own and it is eagerly anticipated by people from across the city.”

WE Exhibition by IMC Ladies’ Wing will take place at The Dome @ NSCI, Mumbai on September 5 and 6 2018.

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