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June 20, 2014

Truth In Frames

Text by Neha Gupta

Life as it is, is what Zishaan Akbar Latif portrays through his ongoing solo art show

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After receiving much applause for his first solo show in New Delhi in December 2013, Indian artist Zishaan Akbar Latif brings 95 Mani Villa to Mumbai. Each frame of this exhibition captures some essence of life, where he has deliberately sought out the focus of his lens – nostalgic scenes, timeless situations, family familiarity, and passion. Even though this show is a depiction of the 29-year-old photographer’s being and understanding, it may stir the viewer into connecting with the intentions behind them. There is some truth to the pictures, a truth in metaphors.

95 Mani Villa is on at the Tarq, Colaba, Mumbai until July 19, 2014.

5 questions with the photographer, Zishaan Akbar Latif

1. Artistic motivation “The act of creation itself is an art and a motivator. The magic of creating something out of thin air is a kick only understood after one’s cathartic process. What a feeling!”

2. Inspirations “Music, because it is life. A beautifully powerful connect to your innate abilities, and an infinite source of inspiration. Daily living, because mundane experiences that shake you up from your slumber are fascinating to express through one’s chosen medium. And cinema, because it is a reflection of reality of the stories we experience vicariously, a voyeuristic journey you inspire to live yourself.”

3. Art in your home “Everybody from around the globe is welcome in my home, from paintings to sculptors to installations to photographs to the new experimental media. No names, only instincts play when you like something that matches your aesthetics.”

4. Concerns that show up in your art “I have a few but I’ll mention two…. The first is a false sense of patriotism. Is standing in respect for one’s national anthem considered patriotic? How about complying with the basic duties that you are supposed to perform towards your country, like not taking it for granted, by respecting it, performing the basics. And the second is the non-inclusiveness of the differently-abled in the main stream who happen to give us a run for our money by having a sense of humour, and many more capabilities than what a so-called abled body enjoys.”

5. If you weren’t a photographer, you would be… “A musician…an artist again! And if I was not an artist I’d be just a happy dog owner or a truck driver so that I can fulfill my father’s dream of being one, and it would make me travel the country!”

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