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August 13, 2015

Food Banter with Zarine Khan

Compiled by Zaral Shah

Zarine Khan gives us an insider scoop on what to expect in her new book Family Secrets

Former model-turned-homemaker, Zarine Khan says she owes her culinary skills to her mother-in-law, Bibi Fatima Begum Khan who cooked in a very nawabi fashion. Her daughters and Verve December cover girls – Sussanne Khan, Farah Khan Ali and Simone Arora – swear by her skills. Be prepared to find the delicious blend of various cultures and cuisines in Family Secrets.

Zarine Khan’s tips and notes on what to expect in this handy guide:

1.  “A lot of attention to detail.”

2.  “A very easy cookbook – I haven’t used any ingredients that are not easily available in the market.”

3. “The basic masala is either red or green. It is about the little add-ons— yogurt or coconut, for instance.”

4. “The presentation of food with varied colours makes the dish far more appetising.”

5. “Whatever you do in life, you must do it with love. You can sometimes taste the difference in the cooking between a hired cook and that which you have cooked yourself!”

Look who made it to the book launch here! 

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