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October 14, 2016

What’s inside Gucci 4 Rooms?

Texy by Wyanet Vaz

We’ve spent the afternoon gaming with Gucci

When the news of Gucci’s unconventional new project trickled into our inbox, we looked up their special microsite to visit what the brand identifies as ‘4 Rooms’. The videos that take the form of computer games display virtual spaces created by Japanese artists Chiharu Shiota, Daito Manabe, Mr., and a secret art installation by Trouble Andrew. Channeling creative director Alessandro Michele’s innovative aesthetic, these spaces bring to life stark reinterpretations of the artists’ signature motifs alongside Gucci’s blossoming flowers, prints, and animals.

1. The Gucci Herbarium Room by Chiharu Shiota

Chiharu Shiota is known for her installations that encompass a web of threads. This room filled with whimsical motifs, vintage prints, and floral decor secretly display some gorgeous Gucci pieces while the tangled red yarns make for a cool distraction.

2. The Gucci Garden Room by Mr.

Incorporating anime characters into Gucci’s world of blooms and bugs, Mr. imagines a pop culture scenario peppered with loads of graffiti.

3. The Gucci Words Room by Daito Manabe

L’Aveugle Par Amour is an 18th-century French novel that appears on Gucci pieces. Daito Manabe, the man behind Rhizomatiks Research – a project that amalgamates art with technology, mixed these references with mythical Japanese literature on love. The end result is a maze of ideograms and visual icons.

4. The secret room by Trouble Andrew

Trouble Andrew, fondly known as GucciGhost, has developed a secret installation for the brand. As part of the gaming experience on the microsite, if you find the ghosts in the other three rooms, you’ll get a chance to experience this special collaboration. We think it’s fancy!

Bringing these imaginary spaces to life, the rooms created by these Japanese artists will be replicated at Gucci Ginza, Tokyo on the seventh floor, and Trouble Andrew’s installation will show at the Elephant Room at Dover Street Market Ginza, Tokyo till November 27, 2016.

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