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September 24, 2015

What Priyanka Chopra Wants You to Know about Quantico

Compiled by Wyanet Vaz, Image courtesy: abc.go.com and Instagram

Find Alex Parrish somewhere between a badass Sherlock and ‘General Awesomeness’

The American billboards and buses have Priyanka Chopra plastered all over them, and we assume that since you’re on Team PC, you’ve already been floored by the 8-minute trailer. But before the premiere of Quantico, you really should go behind the scenes with Alex Parrish, binge on some interesting trivia, and find out what is common between Quantico and Gossip Girl.

16 PC Instagrams that will bring you up to speed…

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What we think of the trailer:

We agree that Quantico is a typical ABC series, and the first 8 minutes were power packed, guaranteeing an audience from our side. This did remind us of Grey’s Anatomy (doctors swapped for FBI recruits), and we are hopeful that the varied star cast will exceed our high expectations. Priyanka Chopra pulls off a Sherlock, and is equally badass, as she politely turns down Ryan Booth (Jake McLaughlin) seconds after hooking up with him, in a car. Besides that, there is a scene with two male recruits exchanging an awkward kiss, and a truck load of suspense. We’re unsure about how much content will be edited for Indian TV viewing, but we do know that despite the cultivated accent, Priyanka Chopra is, as she self proclaims, ‘General Awesomeness’.

Watch Priyanka Chopra on Jimmy Kimmel Live here: 

What does Priyanka Chopra have to say about Quantico? Read it all here.

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