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June 26, 2020


Photographed by Mallika Chandra

Focusing on the devices that are at the end of their life cycles, Verve highlights the pressing need to properly dispose of our mounting piles of electronic relics

Croma: Their e-waste disposal programme, E-Care, allows for store drop-offs. The discarded items are then sent to a central location from where the e-waste disposal experts, ‘JustDispose’, collect them. The agency has a state-of-the-art recycling facility suited to handle the safe and responsible sorting and disassembling of e-waste. Additionally, Croma will plant a tree in your name, providing an e-certificate with a unique number with which you can track your tree on www. grow-trees.com.


Apple: The company helps customers recycle their devices for free. The website recommends first backing up and then erasing your data, then shipping the device with the label provided by their recycling partners. Karo Sambhav and RLG/Cleantogreen are the listed partners who also offer the option of drop-offs at collection points in various locations.


Vijay Sales: They have multiple initiatives to promote e-waste recycling, like the tie-up with Reteck Envirotech Pvt. Ltd, which is one of the world’s largest authorised e-waste recyclers. To avoid the adverse effects of e-waste — like health issues from toxic materials getting mixed with air, water or soil and the burning of rubber and plastic in open areas causing air pollution — Vijay Sales encourages dropping off all electrical and electronic products only with authorised recyclers. Their website lists a toll free number and has information about some collection centres too.


EcoReco: The country’s first and leading professional e-waste management company, they offer an end-to-end and seamlessly integrated solution for e-waste management. They cover everyone’s needs: multinational companies, corporates, retailers, bulk consumers, original equipment manufacturers, government departments, NGOs, households, philanthropic organisations, educational institutions and all those who want to discard their e-waste in an environment friendly manner.


Eco Tech Recycling: They utilise only sustainable methods for the processing of e-waste. They offer electronic and electrical consumer equipment e-waste recycling services that include used mobile phones, radios, televisions, music players, telephones, washing machines, refrigerators, etc.


The Upcycle Co: They collect old CDs and repurpose them into upcycled home accessories and gifts.


Karma Recycling: The service includes an online electronics trade-in, which permits users across 24 cities to sell over 3,000 types of used working and non-working smartphones, tablets or laptops directly from their homes. Following the purchase of the devices, Karma Recycling repairs and re-packages them for sale at a fraction of the original cost, while all non-repairable devices and spare parts are scientifically recycled back into metals and plastics.


State Pollution Control Boards: Each one that does have a website set up has put together easy-to-access lists of authorised e-waste facilities for the respective states. These include contact details, validity of registration and the type of service offered — recycling, refurbishing, handling, dismantling and so on.

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