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December 05, 2016

8 Things You Want To Know About The Vamps

Text by Ranjabati Das. Inputs by Sadaf Shaikh.

From the origin of the band’s name to their favourite artists, the boys bare it all….

Connor Ball, Tristan Evans, James McVey and Bradley Simpson of The Vamps may still be baby-faced (their average age is about 21) and their lyrics may not be seriously life-affirming, but don’t let their fans or millions of followers on social media catch you say that. From uploading covers on YouTube to debuting at No 2 in the UK singles chart, the Brit pop rock band who are not really bothered about comparisons to predecessors One Direction (“We love it…it’s pretty nice!”) have become a teen sensation in their own right. So far – in a mixed bag of collaborations and choices that will sculpt the their senses and tastes, musically, to a certain extent at least – the McCuties have joined forces with the likes of Demi Lovato (Somebody To You garnered over 100-million views) and DJ Matoma, Brooklyn Beckham (who starred in the music video for Wake Up), Vishal-Shekhar and even Ajay Devgn, on Shivaay, the last also doubling up as their foray into, believe it or not, Bollywood.

1. The journey so far…
“It really has been amazing. Recently, we were lucky enough to publish a book about our experiences, which really made us reflect on everything. So much has happened and sometimes it’s hard to keep track. We are still the same four boys that played covers in Tristan’s garage.”

2. Going social… 
“It has been been crucial to our success, allowing us to connect with fans from all over the world from day one. We uploaded covers and talked to fans on Twitter and that’s where it all began. The crowds in India are amazing. We are still learning about Bollywood but we love it. The energy, colour and life it brings are great.”

3. On the possibility of parting ways (like most boy bands do)… 
“We genuinely don’t argue. From time to time we get tired and get on each other’s nerves but we can’t ever remember a real dispute. We all bring different ideas to the table and work on songs together or with other songwriters/producers.”

4. Winning Best British Group at Radio 1 Teen Awards 2016… 
“We have now won four R1 awards which works out well because we get to keep one each! Winning in the Best British Group category is special to us as it was fan-voted.”

5. Origin of the band’s name… 
“We were coming up with names and this one stuck out. We used it as a temporary name as we were uploading some covers. We didn’t realise they would blow up so quick and then we were kind of stuck with it.”

6. Evolution of their music… 
“The first album was mainly based around folk acoustic guitars. That’s because we started by playing acoustics together. As we became more of a live band, we added electric guitars which helped craft the second album. We are experimenting more with the third album and thanks to All Night, we are putting one foot forward into the world of dance music.”

7. Biggest challenge… 
“We love meeting fans, playing shows and travelling the world but I would say that being away from our family and friends for so long is hard.”

8. On holding an intervention…
“It would have to be for Tristan – for losing his passport!”

Quick 5

1. Dream collaboration… “We all have our favourites but Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift would be on the list!”

2. Top 3 places to perform at… “The O2 arena in London, Global Citizen Festival in Mumbai and Australia!”

3. Current playlist… “Twenty One Pilots – Heathens, The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey – Closer, Neiked ft. Dyo – Sexual, Bruno Mars – 24K Magic and, finally, The Vamps and Matoma – All Night.”

4. Inspirations, in one word…
James: “Taylor.”
Tristan: “Life.”
Connor: “Girls.”
Bradley: “Wales.”

5. Favourite artist…
 “Taylor Swift.”
Tristan: “Blink 182.”
Connor: “Panic! At The Disco.”
Bradley: “Foo Fighters.”

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