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September 10, 2015

The Cool Girl’s Guide to Apple’s Hot Stuff

Text by Wyanet Vaz

From emergency selfies and pencils that don’t need to be sharpened to fashionable watch straps…here’s what Apple Inc has in store

There were those hoping for an Apple car launch (wishful thinking), but Apple’s ‘biggest launch’ did manage to surprise. So, while the whole nerd congregation cheered at the 10-hour battery life feature, it also happened to be a field day for the gadget-friendly girls. Verve tells you why these September launches will probably sort out some major hiccups in your life.

1. Hermès Apple Watch

The Apple watch may have just gotten a new software upgrade and 10,000 new apps, but what’s exciting is Hermès’ watch straps to make them more buyable. While Apple did have a roster of metallic and rubber straps in pop shades, there is no doubting that (unlike those) these signature tan Hermes straps would perfectly match everything in our wardrobe.

2. The new Apple TV

No more should you aimlessly hang around your boyfriend while he furiously plays GTA on his console. The new Apple TV is like 2015’s version of Pandora’s box which not only lets you enjoy a gaming experience, but has the App Store for movies. videos and TV programmes. It also includes a revamped version of your old friend Siri (who will do more than just tell you jokes) as well as Apple Music. Move away TV set (and boyfriend).

3. Apple Pencil

The new iPad Pro was launched, with is of course faster, stronger, smarter, but what really grabbed our attention was the humble Apple Pencil. The sort-of stylus responds to how hard it’s being pressed and can thus be used as a pen, pencil, paint brush or even a calligraphy pen. And no, we aren’t graphic designers to be really excited about this, but we do know that our Snapchats will have some badass artwork now.

4. iPhone 6S and 6S Plus

The new iPhone models come in a new shade of rose gold, which is reason enough to purchase. The 3D Touch technology, that everyone is talking about, lets you create shortcuts between menus and get a quick preview without having to open the app. For example, you can open links/maps from within text messages without having to use the internet browser. The best bit is, this feature also lets you take an ‘emergency selfie’ at a lightning-fast speed. The rear-camera is now 12 mp while the front-facing camera is 5 mp. Clearly, even they know that there is nothing better than amazing-looking quick selfies.

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