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May 24, 2016

Why You Should Visit The Inaugural Show of The Egg Art Studio

Text by Huzan Tata

Co-founded by the great-grandniece of Amrita Sher-Gil, the space will showcase the works of emerging talents

A new gallery in the capital, The Egg Art Studio — an incubator for the works of emerging talents — presents a unique set of creations by several Indian and international artists from Iran, Dubai and Ukraine. The inaugural show has on display art from a variety of genres and themes. Co-founded by Amrita Varma and Tavleen Singh Akoi — great-grandniece of Amrita Sher-Gil — the space promises to nurture artists with great potential, and introduce them to audiences. “Hailing from Amrita Sher-Gil’s family allowed me to look at art without judging it. Listening to stories about her, looking at old family photographs where she, her father, her muse are in different stages of nakedness…there is no room for small-mindedness in art. Whatever I saw only widened my horizons,” says Akoi, about learning from her lineage.

Genesis: The Veil is showing at The Egg Art Studio, New Delhi until June 9, 2016.

Quick 3 with Tavleen Singh Akoi and Amrita Varma

Gallery USP
“As gallerists, we professionally evaluate each work of art for its quality, and aesthetic and commercial value, before it is presented to the world. Our focus is to map an artist’s trajectory to ensure a more wholesome experience of art. That sets us apart.”

On the inaugural show
“We have been observing the artists over a long period of time. We look for integrity; influences of the environment which they operate in; their ability to sift various inputs to produce a unique style and work without compromising on their expression.”

Future goals
“The Egg Art Studio hopes to contribute in helping the artists reach their full potential, and by bringing about maturity in the appreciation of art.”

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