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December 13, 2016

Take A Walk Through Subodh Gupta’s Anahad/Unstruck

Text by Natasha Sahjwani. Images (installation view) courtesy Subodh Gupta Studio and Nature Morte Gallery

Subodh Gupta is back after 10 years with a solo show that explores cosmic connections with the help of everyday objects

“An artist becomes unique when he looks to his own roots and culture. His visualisations then create a powerful image,” says Germano Celant, art historian and artistic director of the Prada Foundation. Described as an ‘uncontrollable, eruptive force’, artist Subodh Gupta has orchestrated a larger-than-life display of art titled Anahad/Unstruck in Mumbai. His solo show, after 10 years, is an exploration of the thoughts and concerns that surround migration and cosmic connections.

Prepare to enter a room and be taken aback. Crafted from metal sheets and utensils, Gupta’s installations are magnified with light and sound. The metaphysical concept of anahad (which means ‘unstruck’) is picked up from Kabir’s verses, and refers to the sound of silence. It has no beginning or end, but transcends through space, time and human consciousness. Keeping this as the focal point, the artist uncovers a new galaxy with the help of everyday objects. Gupta open up a dialogue and a scientific inquiry into the physical, the metaphysical and their interconnections. We stepped out of the show, wondering about the creation of sound within void and the jarring effect of noise on silence. 

Iss ghat antar baag bagiche   In this vessel lie groves and gardens
Iss hi mein sirjanhaara, In it, too, lives the creator,
Iss ghat antar saat samundar In this vessel lie the seven seas
Iss hi mein nau lakh taara, In it, too, the nine hundred thousand stars,
Iss ghat antar paaras moti In this vessel lies the philosopher’s stone
Iss hi mein parkhan haara, In it, too, the appraiser,
Iss ghat antar anahad garje In this vessel unstruck sound reverberates
Iss hi mein urat phoohaara In it, too, bursts forth the fountain
Kahat Kabir suno bhaai saadho Says Kabir, listen dear wise men
Iss hi mein saain hamaara. In this, itself is the Supreme Being we seek.

Take a walk through the exhibit in this video:


Subodh Gupta’s Anahad/Unstruck presented by Nature Morte can be viewed at Famous Studios, Mumbai till January 7, 2017.

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