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November 24, 2015

Political Canvases of Yogesh Barve

Text by Huzan Tata

The artist’s first solo show examines equality, rationality and being the outsider

Years ago, a suburban train guard gifted his son a handheld video camera. The boy would travel from the art-deco district of Churchgate in Mumbai, to the suburb of Virar, capturing the sights around him through the fish eye lenses he owned. This art project grew into a series of prints, and Yogesh Barve continues to view the world with an artistic bend. His debut solo show, Explaining Could Be Exploiting, focuses on subjects of equality, politics, and being an ‘outsider’, through collections of video, installation and print art.

5 Questions with the artist, Yogesh Barve

  1. Artistic Motivations “The situation I am in and the people I am surrounded with motivate me a lot to create or to think or to make project, art or work.”
  2. Inspirations “Art history, Clark House Initiative and philosophy.”
  3. On the wall at home “Dan Vo, a Vietnamese-born Danish conceptual artist.”
  4. Concerns that find a place in your art “Equality and inequality. From labour and politics to nature and fiction.”
  5. If not an artist, you would be… “I really can’t think of any other field of work…I would have done what I am doing now, i.e. being an artist.”

Explaining Could Be Exploiting is on display at Clark House Initiative, Mumbai (Ground Floor, Clark House Building, 8 Nathalal Parekh Marg, Colaba) until November 30, 2015.

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