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November 22, 2015

Explore Ecology With Ravi Agarwal’s Art

Text by Huzan Tata

Add some creativity to your weekend getaway with a viewing of the artist’s solo show in Alibaug

‘Two years back, I had a close encounter with the sea, a first for an inland urban person. It continues. The ground changing experiences led me to further my ongoing explorations about the man-nature relationship and the question – what is nature?’ – This is what led to artist and activist Ravi Agarwal’s second solo exhibition at The Guild gallery.

Agarwal’s artworks focus on the ecosystem, and our ever-changing land, trying to find answers along the way, through a series of photographs, videos and installations. ‘Urgency is in the air. Else, all will be still,’ as the artist says.

5 Questions with the artist, Ravi Agarwal

  1. Artistic Motivations “Art gives me great pleasure, and is challenging. It is a way to make tangible imaginations and ideas which transcends the immediate, while still being somehow rooted in it.”
  2. Inspirations “Nature inspires me, human ideas intrigue me, and art lifts me.”
  3. On the wall at home “Many, if I could afford them! Van Gogh, Duchamp, Bhupen Kakar, Thomas Demand, Thomas Eggleston, Sudarshan Shetty…and many more.”
  4. Concerns that find a place in your art “The idea of nature, the endless cosmos, the human world within.”
  5. If not an artist, you would be… “only half the person I am, and very bored.”

Else, all will be still is on display at The Guild, Alibaug (1028, Ranjanpada, Next to Sai Mandir, Mandwa Alibaug Road) until December 2, 2015.

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