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August 24, 2018

Six Artists To Help You Navigate The World Of Instagram Art

Text by Huzan Tata

Verve scrolls through Instagram’s growing world of digital art and gives you six creators to look out for

You no longer have to find time to visit art galleries to get your fix of art. Just like your food, music and movies, your art too – some of it exclusive – is accessible on your phone, at the touch of a finger. Instagram artists have been creating works that they share, sometimes exclusively on the social media platform – providing viewers with interesting inspiration on their feeds, and themselves with instant feedback from large audiences. We track six Insta-artists worth following who are taking the online world by storm one double-tap at a time.


A Canadian-born artist, Keerat Kaur loves working with painting, music and architecture. On first glance, her artworks have a dream-like quality to them, each one taking inspiration from indic philosophies and culture. On what drives her work, she says, “My work heightens the magic in all things mundane”.
You can follow Keerat on Instagram @_KeeratKaur


He recently quit his corporate career overseas to pursue designing and illustration full-time, and a quick look at his works will tell you why. Going by the name Moography on Instagram, Anshuman Ghosh creates artworks that illustrate the quotidian in a quirky manner. “My artworks are inspired by everyday occurrences, common observations and most importantly, the things that I love. You’ll notice that most of artworks revolve around my family, food, music, movies and travel – the five things that I absolutely love in this world! So getting inspired isn’t that difficult at all,” says Ghosh.   
You can follow Anshuman on Instagram @moography


“My art is a mix of patterns, people, and natural elements which are simply the things I never tire of. I’m currently exploring a variety of ways in which identity is experienced and performed, which is why I depict figures in most of my work. I have a graphic design background and that also influences my work aesthetically,” says Shyama Golden, who after stints all over the world, currently lives and works in Brooklyn. With a background in oil painting and graphic design, Golden has now focused her practice on figurative art, and loves to create looping animations and seamless patterns in her creations.
You can follow Shyama on Instagram @shyamagolden


Her artworks make it seem like she’s probably been drawing all her life. At just 19, Priyanka Paul has illustrated for several publications, TV channels and has even got prints on T-shirts. Passionate about both drawing and poetry, Paul says, “My artwork is based on themes of social justice and tries to break down and understand the intersections of societies and the hierarchies within it. My work is inspired by everything that happens around me, to me and to me my art is a learning process as to how I understand and comprehend the world around me.”
You can follow Priyanka on Instagram @artwhoring


Vibrant is the first word that will probably come to mind when you see her illustrations. NID graduate Sudeepti Tucker who specialises in graphic design creates worlds that oscillate between the simple and the fantastical, each work being striking in its own way. About what inspires her as an artist she says, “All my work is driven by the desire to understand our inner and outer worlds. Inspiration is everywhere – in the people we know and meet, the places we have been, the stories we hear, in everything we feel. When I sit down to paint, it all comes together in surprising ways.”   
You can follow Sudeepti on Instagram @SudeeptiTucker


On first glance at any of his works, you feel like you’re transported to a fairytale or a different universe. Nature, animals and a ‘glowing’ touch are seen in most of Svabhu Kohli’s creations, making them seem straight of out a fantasy. “Curious about how life has evolved and adapted over the years on the planet we inhabit, my work has been a reflection and an on-going study of the fragile mysteries and complexities that bind us to our universe,” he says of his art.      
You can follow Svabhu on Instagram @svabhukohli

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