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March 15, 2014

Vibrations and Rhythms

Text by Neha Gupta

For his series, Traces and Tears, artist Sandeep Mukherjee uses his body movements to create mesmerising, repetitive patterns on canvas

The series, Traces and Tears, looks like art that must have been fun to create. On the surface of it, it’s just interesting patterns on Duralene (a polymer film that imitates a glossy celluloid surface). Artist Sandeep Mukherjee has employed brushes, concrete brooms, carved rollers and sponges to cover his canvas with vibrancy. And for this, his hand moves in a practiced cadence as the body walks, sits, crawls and slides over the colours to execute unique patterns.

Vibrations from body movements are translated to these textures – some soft, others defined. The strokes are blurred, none of them within definite lines. Mukherjee then alters these images again. Sections are erased with only a hint of what they were, fusing into the existing design as a new arrangement. He alludes that his inspirations are Jean Painlevé and Oskar Fischinger – and it is obvious in his works, which can be comfortably known as experimental art.

Traces and Tears is on show at Project 88, Mumbai from March 13 to April 19, 2014.

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