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December 01, 2016

Candid Camera: Eye of the Storm

Image by Samar Singh Virdi

In the face of a calamity, does life come to a standstill?

Location:  Panchkula, India

Moving image: I usually wander off for long walks in the city. It was during this time that I realised a sandstorm was approaching. In search of interesting imagery, I reached this vast expanse of land and saw almost 20 people playing cricket. They continued irrespective of the storm. Whenever a strong wind would pass, the players would just cover their heads, wait for it to subside and then resume their game.
I found this very inspiring as the players didn’t lose hope. I think that is what a person’s attitude towards life should be.

Photographer: Samar Singh Virdi is a filmmaker and photographer from Chandigarh. His film Ilam-Punjab’s Unknown Battle of Sanity won two student national awards, and his clientele includes the Hero group, University of Liverpool and L’Or√©al Paris.

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