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June 05, 2014

A Tale of Two Cities

Text by Neha Gupta

Turkey and Mumbai city have their own charm, but these interpretations of them by Salamat Husain is one that stands apart from the usual

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  • Men's Beauty Salon
    Men's Beauty Salon
  • TAXI Window Story
    TAXI Window Story
  • The Big Blue Sea
    The Big Blue Sea
  • The Bird & The Girl
    The Bird & The Girl

Each time photographer Salamat Husain, grandson of legendary artist M.F. Husain, travels, his equipment of 25 kilos duly follows in tow; thus, the title for his exhibition – 25 Kilos. He has displayed images from his voyages around Mumbai city and those to Turkey. The former is an effort to showcase the city in everything that shirks clichés. This is probably because he is from the city himself and watching a stereotyped depiction of it everywhere could be a tad bit stale for his taste. The latter is merely a portrayal of Turkey’s beauty, as understood by the photographer. Each picture leaves enough room for the viewer to decipher his own version of the country as he sees it.

25 Kilos is on at the Gallery 7, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai until June 20, 2014. 

5 questions with the photographer, Salamat Husain

1. Artistic motivation “There is a constant debate and competition that I have with the visual that is captured by the naked eye and the manmade lens. The expectation of translating the image of architecture, people, landscapes and natural beauty through light is the most exciting part of the process. To render the art in the image has to be poetry before I can feel satisfied with the result.”

2. Inspirations “Rhythm – music, cinematography – film, dance form – theatre, sculptures and architecture – art, conversations – people, tragedy – life, nature – signs…momentary elapses in time and space is a perfect vacuum to create the inspirational thought.”

3. Art in your home “Ansel Adams, Robert Capa, Mario Testino are some of the photographers and Caravaggio, Rembrandt, Raza are some of the artists I would choose to have in my home.”

4. Concerns that show up in your art “Fraudulent conduct by those in power, and the true picture of our society and humanity.”

5. If you weren’t a photographer, you would be…“A graphic designer.”

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