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July 09, 2015

Quick 3 with Divya Gehlaut

Text by Huzan Tata

Divya Gehlaut talks to Verve about her new gallery, the international association, and what makes her venture unique

When one talks of arts in Mumbai, the heritage district of Kala Ghoda — with its many galleries — springs to mind. But now, a new space in India’s financial capital will ensure that those in the centre of the city do not miss out on their dose of art. Gallery Odyssey, located in Lower Parel, is founded by Divya Gehlaut, in association with Halcyon Gallery of London. The collaboration hopes to present the best of Indian and international art to the public. The art space’s first show is titled In The Hands Of Lorenzo Quinn, an exhibition by the celebrated sculptor whose works ‘deliver a universal message of harmony, equality, family and love’.

Gehlaut talks to Verve about her new gallery, the international association, and what makes her venture unique.

On the artistic beginning
“I started getting interested in art when I travelled around the world and saw how much beauty and value a sculpture can add to a park, or a painting can add to a public space. I also find it fascinating to understand and appreciate the thought process that goes behind creating magnificent and timeless pieces of art.”

Gallery Odyssey’s USP
“Odyssey will be like an art museum. The vision behind it is to bring international art to local audiences as well as showcase Indian artists, by having a mix of shows by Indian and international creators of art.”

On their association with London’s Halcyon Gallery
“Halcyon Gallery is one of the most prestigious galleries in London and its director, Paul Green, is a veteran in the art world. He has been promoting the works of many reputed international artists as well. Halcyon also promotes public art in London in a big way. Hence, it seemed to fit well with our vision of adding beauty and grace to all our projects with displays of public art.”

In The Hands Of Lorenzo Quinn is on display at Gallery Odyssey, Mumbai until July 18, 2015.

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