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March 31, 2017

The Workout Diary Of An Olympic Medallist

Text by Sadaf Shaikh

PV Sindhu has proven her mettle on the court and we discovered that she works equally hard at the gym too

Favorite form of workout
“My workout routine varies every day and is planned on a monthly basis focusing on my back, abdomen, shoulders and knees. Cardio is my most preferred form of exercise because it really tests my stamina levels. Endurance training is the toughest but I enjoy it because it is extremely challenging and leaves me feeling accomplished.”

Pre-workout routine
“I make it a point to start with stretching exercises since it reduces the risk of injury and alleviates muscular tension. I always end my pre-workout routine with a run so that I’m prepped up for the training session in store.”

Limbering down
“I work with my physiotherapist to cool down after a strenuous session. It helps stabilise your breathing and heart rate and clears out lactic acid from the muscles which cause soreness.”

Healthiest food item
“I swear by the benefits of eggs as they are the best source of high-quality protein.”

Workout essentials
“I never head for a workout without a snack in my kit bag which is usually a small bowl of fruits, a few dried nuts and a bottle of Gatorade.”

Workout blunders
“Don’t skimp on stretching before you work out because you will have to pay for it later. Keep yourself hydrated while exercising.”

Cheat meal
“I usually cheat on my diet to celebrate the completion of a tournament. But even then, I usually get only one day of indulgence per month and biryani needs to be part of that meal.”

Daily workout diary
“I start my morning session at 7 am where I focus on my game on the court, and it goes on until about 12 pm. Post this, I head home for lunch and rest for two hours. I am back in the academy by 4 pm for endurance training and wrap up my day by 7 pm. Dinner is usually by 8 pm and I get to bed by 9 pm. I work out every day. My day off is usually Sunday when I rest it out and get a massage.”

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