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November 11, 2014

The Pushkar Paradox

Text and images by Nittal Chandarana

Have you been to this little town that breeds a veritable outpouring of culture?

There’s more to the Pushkar Festival than hordes of decorated camels. There are also the firangs with their DSLRs! A trip to Pushkar changed our perception of the tiny town. The mela attracts millions of tourists each year. Complete with camel safaris, horse races and handicraft stalls, what we also saw were the wee lanes, the sheer simplicity of village folk and all the hustle that goes into adorning a place that awaits her annual visitors. Not as mainstream as its other Rajasthani counterparts, Pushkar is almost like the state’s best kept secret, despite the advertising and media coverage. Everyone we spoke to there was revisiting the place. Such is the attraction of a town where sadhus still roam with abandon, sacrifices are made time and again on the ghat by the lake and where women gather to sing folk songs as evening recreation. Pushkar makes us frightfully aware of the urbanity that is so deep-rooted in each one of us but it’s nothing that a few dozes of rustic can’t fix. Is it something you plan to add to your bucket list?


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