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September 10, 2019

Fantasy Botanist Priyanka Shah Takes Verve Through Major Design Movements

Photographs by Priyanka Shah

A graphic designer and stylist, Priyanka Shah uses elements from the natural world to construct sculptures of fantasy. With this exclusive series of weirdly wonderful installations, she looks towards major architectural movements, exploring the idea of what would happen if design inspired nature…

Elongated structures – that represent slender spires – reach towards the skies, an attempt to get closer to god.

Proportion: The Golden Ratio
Colour Palette: Dark, Grungy, Earthy
Background: Stone
Light: Eerie, Moonlit

Clashing colours and blocky shapes create an aesthetic that disregards ‘good taste’ in favour of the amusing and outrageous.

Framework: Various Shapes Stacked Upon Each Other
Colour Palette: Bursts Of Bright Hues And Patterns
Background: Patterned Terrazzo
Inspiration: Italian Designer Ettore Sottsass’ Candlesticks

Understated French elegance with repeating patterns and staggered layers in sequences of 1, 3, 5, 7…

Patterns: Parallel Lines And Rays
Design Principles: Mirroring And Symmetry
Colour Palette: Dark Hues With Elegant Gold
Background: Marble

A heavily geometric, monolithic and chunky form that follows function.

Material: Raw, Singular
Aesthetic: Utilitarian; Lack Of Decorative Elements
Background: Concrete Finish
Inspiration: The Minimalist Works Of Japanese Architect Tadao Ando

Find Priyanka Shah on Instagram @pri_ism

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