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November 09, 2016

Jacqueline’s Trainer Tells You How To Get Fit For New Year’s

Text by Sadaf Shaikh

Namrata Purohit on bringing your A-game to the party next month….

9 ways to drop it (kilos) like it’s hot:

1. Cardio and strength training through weight drills or Pilates is one of the most effective ways of burning fat.

2. Pilates is a safe form of exercise that focuses not only on the big muscles of the body, but also works the smaller and deeper muscles, developing your body holistically. It improves strength, flexibility, stamina, endurance, coordination, concentration, balance and stability.

3. Mat Pilates is also a great option and shows quick results as it not only helps gain strength and flexibility, but also tones your body.

4. Skipping is a simple high calorie-burn exercise that can be done at home. All you need is open space, a skipping rope and workout clothes.

5. Alternate between endurance, strength, balance and flexibility training daily. You can focus on either aerobics, weight-lifting, yoga or stretching exercises each day, but a sound training routine is comprised of all these elements.

6. Eating nutritious food regularly and adding cardio to your daily routine is key. You can do this through basic activities such as taking the stairs or walking to a colleague instead of calling out to them from your desk.

7. Choose a sport you really enjoy so that you look forward to a physical activity every day. You can play a racket sport, go swimming, or opt for football, handball, volleyball or throwball if you really like to have a go at it.

8. Restrict cheating on your diet to one meal a week. Sometimes, the heart wants what it wants and it is okay to give in.  Make up for it by eating healthy the rest of the time and training smart throughout the week.

9. Fitness is all about finding what you love doing. There are many options out there – dance classes, yoga, Pilates and zumba among others. Find what suits you best, and stick by it.

5 workout blunders to stay away from:

1. Working out too much is a common mistake. Exercising is great and quite addictive, however overdoing it is very unhealthy as it can cause injuries. Giving your body rest and recovery time is essential.

2. Another misconception is working out on an empty stomach. Your body needs nourishment to push hard during your workout and not eating before a session deprives your body of this requirement.

3. Multiple repetitions of a particular session may end up compromising your form, which is not recommended. Always choose quality over quantity when you work out.

4. Never get off an equipment and just head out of the studio without stretching first. Cooling down post a workout gets your heart rate back to normal, steadies your breathing, reduces body temperature and brings the muscles back to their optimal state.

5. Never skimp on workout essentials like training and running shoes, toe socks, a few healthy snacks and water.

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