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March 31, 2015

Jungle Book

All photographs by © Karen Knorr / courtesy Tasveer

Photographer Karen Knorr’s India Song series brings the country’s cultural history and fauna to life with some striking compositions

  • Photographer Karen Knorr, India Song series
    Finding Refuge
  • Photographer Karen Knorr, India Song series
    Brahma’s Friend, Aam Khas, Dungarpur, 2014
  • Photographer Karen Knorr, India Song series
    The Search for Sattva
  • Photographer Karen Knorr, India Song series
    Mahasattva’s Sacrifice, Buddha

India is a land of many wonders — its culture, history, food, nature and architecture are spoken of all over the world. And for London-based artist Karen Knorr, it was ‘a life-changing trip’ to the country that inspired her award-winning photo series, India Song.

Knorr, a renowned contemporary photographer since the 1970s, is known for her images ‘that interrogate political, economic, and gendered representation’. Her work has been part of over 30 collections around the world, including The Victoria ands Albert Museum in London, The Museum of Modern Art, Paris and The San Francisco Museum of Art, USA.

The photographs from the series, on which she started work in 2008, explore both cultural heritage and wildlife and use the Indian tradition of representing animals in art. The images will seem familiar to those who are fans of the Panchatantra or miniature Mughal paintings. Knorr, who travelled through the country’s beautiful and striking palaces, used digital imaging to insert photos of the animals into an architectural setting. The result is an almost real picture — one would think the wild animal was actually photographed with the background!

India Song has been internationally acclaimed, and has been displayed globally at museums and art fairs, including Paris Photo 2013 and Paris Photo LA 2014.

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