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April 12, 2014

North By North East

Travel inspires the lens, who can deny that? Three photographers and an artist journey to India’s colourful North-East region and discover inspiration at every turn…

  • Devraj Chaliha
    Devraj Chaliha: Tribals performing at the Hornbill Festival
  • Anthony Pappone
    Anthony Pappone: Headhunters, the number of bronze faces on the necklace depict number of heads cut
  • Ameya Gokhale
    Ameya Gokhale: A river next to the Raj Rif check post before Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh
  • Kanchi Mehta
    Kanchi Mehta: Traditional Tibetan women dance in Sumur, Nubra Vallery

Photographer profiles:

Devraj Chaliha
Delhi-based, he wants his photographs to speak a thousand words, for ‘a photograph only captures what a photographer has seen, and therefore, a journey and a camera only complement each other’. Devraj Chaliha’s early love-affair with the camera has taken him on some wild adventures, from rallies to festivals to industries to temple-towns to conservation projects and more. Hailing from Assam, he enjoys travelling to and capturing any place where there exists a plethora of life, music, imagination and opportunity.

Anthony Pappone
He specialises in travel, festival, portrait, tribes and ceremony photography around the world. “As a child I have always been passionate about history and faraway places and tribes with an ancient culture.” Before Anthony Pappone became a photographer, he was a traveller who ‘loved to turn and look’ but then struck by the Ladakh festival and the photos that he could take there, he started to follow festivals and ceremonies around the world. “At present I am working my photo projects with very bright lenses; my favourite lens is the wide angle….”

Ameya Gokhale
Weekend carburettor cleaner. Weekday copywriter. When he’s not writing for commercial or love interests, you’ll find him travelling. Mostly on the Deccan Queen to spend time with his four aged bikes and friends in Pune. Or to see his girlfriend in Delhi. Ameya Gokhale shoots with a Canon 5D Mark II when time permits. Loves shooting babies, ‘in the most humane way possible’, out-of-the-normal bike rides and weddings for friends.

Kanchi Mehta
Kanchi Mehta is a Goa-based artist, curator and writer for the arts. She is also the founder of Chameleon Art Projects, an initiative to establish stronger foundations for young and experimental artists across the globe.

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