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January 24, 2017

Namrata Purohit’s Advice On How To Stay In Great Shape

Text by Namrata Purohit

What we eat and how it affects our bodies depends on our body type. Find out yours…

Body type is a topic that has always intrigued people. Everyone does have an individual body type and there are different things that work for each of us. The term does not only describe the way your body looks but can also help tell you a little about how you respond to food intake and what your metabolic rate is like.

Generally speaking, it can be broken up into three different groups — ectomorphic, mesomorphic and endomorphic. These are the broad categories and no individual falls perfectly into any one type. However, understanding your physique can help customise your diet and training regime to suit your specific goals.

Simply put, changing your body type is tough but it is possible. The right nutrition and training can transform your body and help you achieve the desired target.

Their key characteristic is their small frame and skinny appearance. They often seem to be below the average weight for their height. Ectomorphs tend to have a high metabolic rate and do not gain weight easily. They may eat a lot but may still not put on any weight. People who fall into this category have a narrow frame and usually long slim limbs. For this body type, building muscle and gaining weight is usually quite challenging.

Eating right
The correct diet is extremely important for them. Eating healthy calorie-intensive meals frequently is recommended. Cheat days are allowed but one must be sensible. Although weight gain is slow, junk food should be had in moderation, as you still want to be healthy and eat nutritious food.

Feeling fit
In terms of training, limit the amount of cardio you do and focus on building muscle. Compound movements have been recommended for this body type, as it works multiple muscles at the same time.

They can be identified by their athletic bodies and lean structure. People with this kind of a body type can gain muscle and burn fat relatively easily. Generally, mesomorphs have a symmetric structure, low body fat and good muscle mass.

Eating right
Mesomorphs should have a balanced diet, they must balance their carbohydrates, proteins as well as fat intake. Although it is relatively easy to gain weight, they must eat the right nutrients to optimise their muscle gain. Eating three main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) along with at least two small meals a day is recommended.

Feeling fit
They tend to respond quickly to exercise. One must train between three to five times a week depending on the time and intensity of the workout.

They usually have a larger appearance. They have a tendency to accumulate fat and have a very low muscle definition. Endomorphs find it tough to shed weight, and accumulate fat and tend to fatigue easily.

Eating right
Endomorphs must ensure they portion their meals appropriately. They have a knack for overeating, and this must be controlled. They should drink enough water and eat five to six meals through the day to keep full.

Feeling fit
There should be a good balance between strength-based training and cardio. In order to keep weight gain under control a substantial amount of cardio is important. However, some form of strength training is also essential to ensure increase in muscle mass which would in turn help increase the metabolic rate.

Namrata Purohit is a certified fitness, Barre and Pilates instructor and entrepreneur based in Mumbai who has taken a number of celebrities under her wing. She has authored The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Being Fit.

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