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October 11, 2014

Shifting Sands of Time

Text by Sitanshi Talati-Parikh

International migration, home and displacement of time are explored in this solo show by artist Tahireh Lal in Bangalore

  • GALLERY SKE Tahireh Lal The Hourglass
    The Hourglass
  • GALLERY SKE Tahireh Lal The Hourglass
    The Hourglass

Tahireh Lal’s material experiments with sand began while walking on the beaches of Toronto Island. Metaphysical Gravity exhibits the artist’s installation, video and kinetic sculpture. Lal explores the idea of international migration – home in the context of contemporary mobility.

The Hourglass (shown above) reflects on the nature of time. Within a rotating hourglass, sand flows from one chamber to the other. However, magnetic forces hold part of the sand in permanent suspension; thereby remarking on the conflict between clock time and lived time in one’s experience of new and unfamiliar environments.

Lal’s artwork has featured at film festivals and in galleries in India and at international events. She currently runs her art practice out of Koliabur, Assam and Bangalore.

Metaphysical Gravity previews this evening (7pm) and is on show until November 21, 2014 at Gallery SKE (2 Berlie Street, Langford Town, Bangalore).

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