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December 01, 2016

Lost Frequencies: “India has inspired me!”

Text by Simone Louis

Catching up with international music maven Lost Frequencies

That defining moment…
“I always wanted to try my hand at making music…and then my father gave me a computer. I learnt so much from YouTube; I researched about how to record, how to loop and every bit of information on Garage Band and Logic. Then I started doing remixes, but I had absolutely no idea that Are You With Me would become so big!”

Creative process…
“When I first started Lost Frequencies, I was making remixes of forgotten tracks – lost tracks – which is how I decided on my name. I work alone in the studio most of the time so I can take in the influences around me. I like to learn about how different arrangements and tracks come together so I can be inspired to interpret them in my own way, with my sounds.”

The India effect…
“I love to experience new cultures and meet new people, and I also like to build colours and layers in my music. India is especially so bright and colourful – it has inspired me! Mumbai was my first show and more than 50,000 people came to watch us play and to dance. It was crazy to see so many people who knew my songs.”

Lost Frequencies is…
“I call it indie dance because, like a lot of the indie bands, I’m working solo – doing it all on my own – but with dance music. I liked the concept! I would describe my sound as tropical house, a little folk.”

Collaboration anticipation…
“I’m going to put it out there that I would really love to work with Daft Punk (like everyone would!), but also Kid Cudi…he’s an American rapper but he incorporates a lot of different styles into his music. I’d like to work with someone who’s making different music than what I make as Lost Frequencies – that would be fresh and fun.”

Favourite track to perform live…
“At the moment I would say What Is Love 2016 because I didn’t think anything was going to be as well-received as Are You With Me but all the audiences I’ve played it for have been great! It’s an edit of the classic Haddaway song that everyone knows, so people can sing along to the 2016 version!”

Personal playlist…
“Major Lazer ft. Justin Bieber & MØ – Cold Water
Watermat – Fade
Flume ft. Kai – Never Be Like You (Martin Solveig Remix)”

Coming soon…
“I just released my debut album Less Is More, which I’m really proud of. In the future, I’m heading back to Europe and then Asia and Brasil before 2017, and then I’ll be working on some collaborations in the new year!”

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