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December 15, 2014

The Journey…In Review

Text by Nittal Chandarana

They came, they saw, they raved. Bonobo, Snarky Puppy and Dislocate serve up a storm

Mehboob Studios is quick becoming the go-to destination for literature festivals and musical extravaganzas, and Johnnie Walker did well by picking this location for their ambitious event titled Johnnie Walker The Journey, where they had the likes of Bonobo and Snarky Puppy entrance the crowd. Bringing artists that appeal to niche audiences is as brave as tricky, but fans from all over the country came to watch the performers they hero-worship. Each hall at Mehboob was milling with people and the energy they shared and seem to pass on to each other through some sort of virtual Mexican wave was astonishing. The event also received its fair share of celebs and social butterflies including Anil Dharker, Mandira Bedi, Priya Dutt and Leslie Lewis.

We were thoroughly excited to catch the act by Dislocate Theatre group and made a beeline for the studio hall well in advance. Their movements were fluid and beautiful; after all, they distinguish themselves as being an aerial/acrobatic act. A melancholy performance from their repertoire, If These Walls Were Talk, was enacted. A tad disappointing, Dislocate could not completely capture the fancy of its audience. Due to the close-knit nature of the acts, one had to rush to each performance space sprawled across the studio. Snarky Puppy came next and we had to say, that band knows how to own the stage. Notorious for coming on completely unrehearsed, they played off each other and seemed to have a glorious time doing what they love. Each member was given his own time to shine and improvise, which made each live act a treat and a completely unique offering. We enjoyed fangirling over this one. And then came the headlining act of the night: Bonobo. Most people had bought their tickets to get a piece of the man who gave plain instrumental a unique touch. For those who had experienced the volatile Snarky Puppy a few moments ago, the Bonobo music tempo seemed too slow. For hardcore fans, it was a dream.

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