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August 04, 2018

Jacqueline Fernandez Gets Candid About Her Fitness Regime And New Label Just F

Text by Zaral Shah

The actor loves a good workout and wants you to look good while doing it

She’s one of the country’s most glamourous actors, often noticed for her fashion and fitness choices. It comes as little surprise then, that Jacqueline Fernandez has designed her own range of activewear that’s trendy, feminine and yet wearable to an actual workout session. 

We caught up with Jacqueline and asked about her fitness regime, diet essentials and the genesis of her label Just F that’s attempting to redefine athleisure. 

What played catalyst
“While working out, I found my choices limited to generic pink knock-offs of products catering to men, and I realised that there might be other women who face similar issues and are unhappy with the existing products in the market. This led me to conceptualise – along with Mojostar – Just F as an active-wear brand whose products are designed specifically for the modern and active Indian woman.”

From morning to night
“My daily routine is pretty straightforward. I wake up early, exercise, have a healthy breakfast, and review my commitments for the day. I try to wrap up everything soon and grab an early dinner. 

My fitness mantra is quite simple too – eat right, sleep right, and exercise regularly. I ensure that I maintain a healthy diet, get adequate sleep and stay positive and relaxed. When it comes to fitness, I prefer to focus on flexibility, stamina and strength. I build my stamina through cardio exercises, pole exercises and stretching exercises for flexibility. I only eat fresh, healthy, and nutrient-rich foods. And when I cannot hit the gym, I dance to stay active.”

Fitness while living a nomadic lifestyle
“Since I’m always travelling for work, I do have a no-gym-workout plan. From my own personal go-to exercise regimes, I’d recommend stretching exercises, and dancing, as those are easy and doable while travelling. Meditation is particularly helpful when it comes to centering one’s mind and body, and allows me to channelize my energy towards my personal and professional growth.”

You are what you eat  
“A warm glass of water with honey or lime is how I usually start my day. I divide all of my meals into four broad categories – carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and vegetables – and try to maintain a healthy balance between all of them. Fresh veggies, fruits, brown rice, quinoa and oats are my go-to foods for carbs. I’m also very fond of dates, and include sushi and salmon in my diet too. This is flushed down with lots and lots of water.” 

A common misconception
“People think that celebrity fitness routines involve extreme fasting, extreme exercising, and all things expensive and fancy which most people cannot afford. The only difference, as far as I can see, is that most celebs develop their own personalised fitness routines. They do the exercises and workouts that they enjoy and follow the diets their bodies need. This helps them in maintaining their fitness levels and keeping lean and strong.”

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