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June 15, 2015

How To Work It Like Jacqueline

Compiled by Wyanet Vaz and Tamanna Sheth

In an exclusive interview, Verve finds out 13 things you didn’t know about Jacqueline Fernandez’ fitness routine

Chances are you’ve spotted Jacqueline busting some fitness moves at the recent boot camp organised by Puma. Toned, and as flexible as your diet on a cheat day, she is quite meticulous when it comes to planning her exercises. Read on, as Jacqueline Fernandez shares with us her workout routine, diet plans and fitness secrets…

1.  Your typical workout is… “Keeping fit is all about figuring out what your body enjoys. I love pilates and I do yoga as well. I don’t like kick-boxing too much.”

2.  You would never skimp on… “Good training shoes.”

3.  Workout hell would be… “Bad equipment.”

4.  Your diet plan… “I am big on healthy food. Usually, I have something substantial for breakfast like peanut butter on toast or soya milkshake. For lunch it’s a miso power bowl followed by buttermilk to beat the heat. I follow the portion control mantra rather than starving myself.”

5. On a cheat day, you… “Have a frappuccino!”

6.  Your skin-care regime… “Cleanse, tone, moisturise and I use sunscreen.”

7.  Detox is… “Less salt, lots of water, no sugar and no processed foods.”

8.  Your fitness inspiration… “Giselle Bundchen. She makes it look so easy. I follow her and I know she trains really hard. She’s toned and strong.”

9. On your workout playlist… “I listen to Taylor Swift, Rihanna and Calvin Harris when I exercise.”

10. Food you would work extra for? “Pastries.”

11.  Your in-house exercises would be… “Zumba, insanity workout and yoga.”

12.   Your fitness essentials… “My new Puma Pulse XT shoes and tights – my work out is incomplete without them!”

13.  What motivates you on a lazy day? “Dance! I make sure that I dedicate at least half an hour to various dance routines at home.”

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