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May 03, 2017

Meet Your New Favourite Movie Theatre

Text by Simone Louis

Where does one go when popcorn and a blanket just aren’t enough?
We know just the spot

When it comes to cinema, Mumbai is teeming with innumerable options, from heritage halls to budget standalone haunts and glitzy multi-screen chains. Still, at a time when quality online streaming and enticing food delivery are quickly becoming the standard way to pass time, what could make us give up a night in on the couch with a movie, blanket and popcorn, to head out to a theatre? Inox, we found, has the right answer.

Insignia, a signature experience designed by Inox Leisure, has taken things up a notch by crafting quite a wholesome luxury experience at its Laserplex in Nariman Point, Mumbai. Recognising that culinary connoisseurs are always on the look-out for top-notch nibbles, the 7-star multiplex has collaborated with celebrity chef Vicky Ratnani to offer a specially-curated menu that inventively pairs local products with global flavour profiles.

For those on a clean-eating spree, the market fresh bowl of quinoa tossed with exotic vegetables, tangy watermelon salad, edamame and flavoured makhana (fox nuts) are great healthy alternatives to the usual popcorn and nachos, while the rest of you food lovers will not be disappointed with the cheesy gunpowder or habanero tabasco popcorn, chip and dip combo, cheesy fries, sliders, pastas and burritos.

And, while all this food was enough for us to sit back in the unbelievably comfy recliners and sigh with satisfaction, there’s more! The snazzy panel on the armrests, besides enabling one to control the movement and structure of the seat, also displays a button very similar to the call buttons on airplanes that flight attendants love to hate. At Insignia, though, a single tap gets you personalised service from a polite butler who is happy to bring you a blanket or take your food order. Adding to this, further choices of a digital self-ordering food kiosk or in-app food ordering with online payment options had us marvelling at a smooth, relaxed, lip-smacking experience.

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