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June 12, 2015

The doorstep beckons

Text by Huzan Tata

Explore objects and the way they’re perceived at a group show in Mumbai

Everything that surrounds us, at any moment or place in life, can be qualified as an object. But what if we take an object apart and create something new out of it? Exploring this idea is a group show at Mumbai’s Jhaveri Contemporary, the doorstep, curated by Gyan Panchal.

Featuring works by Prabhakar Barwe, Hemali Bhuta, Jason Dodge, Shreyas Karle and the curator himself, the art show traces themes of metaphysics, materiality and meaning, through the various creations.

As the press note for the show says, “Objects and ‘object-ness’, perception and its curious ways, artists as questioners, mediators and creators: the scope, then, is anything but narrow….The best way to experience what these artists do is to see, to experience, to partake.’

Artist Profiles:

Prabhakar Barwe The late artist is known for his creations that embraced realism, and his resistance to the prevailing trend of complete abstraction. During the 60s, he was highly influenced by Tantric philosophy and soon incorporated its imagery into his art.

Hemali Bhuta A multi-disciplinary artist, Bhuta holds a Master of Visual Arts degree from the MS University of Baroda. ‘Primarily concerned with the notion of an in between or transitory space and elements that contain or create those spaces’, she has displayed her artworks in India as well as internationally.

Jason Dodge Born in Pennsylvania, Dodge has exhibited around the world at several solo and group shows. His concept-driven creations usually have a poetic aspect to them, making his artworks unique. The artist currently lives and works in Berlin.

Shreyas Karle The artist works in diverse media including illustration, collage, video, publications, sculptural forms and collaborative community projects. In his own words, Karle is concerned with “the grammar of art”.

Gyan Panchal Paris-born Panchal’s work has been exhibited widely in private and public institutions in Europe. ‘By extracting elements from their origins and expanding their possibilities through discreet gestures – sanding, polishing, a slight scratch or tear – he creates art that is fragile, restrained and powerful.’

The Doorstep is on display at Jhaveri Contemporary, Mumbai (2 Krishna Niwas, 58A Walkeshwar Road) until June 13, 2015.

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