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August 15, 2016

He Came, He Conquered

Text by Zaral Shah. Images courtesy of National Centre for Performing Arts, Mumbai.

As Independence Day sets in and we all await the parade, here’s a theatrical marvel to remind us of the man who made it possible

The music, lyrics, sets, choreography and spectacular performances are all that will stay with you long after the curtains fall. Gandhi – The Musical is a Broadway-styled production that traces the journey of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi – from his years in South Africa, through the many trials and triumphs he faced, till he came to be known as the ‘Father of our Nation’. The 120 minute production flawlessly depicts every aspect through its steady pace and remarkable compositions, and is a modern interpretation of history that continues to inspire us.

Here are six things that stood out at the NCPA and Silly Point Productions’ original musical.

The history. Through Boman Irani’s voice over and the show’s spectacular compositions and choreography, you will be reminded of the history you learnt through the years. It’s almost like watching the story unfold, with all the minute details that lead to the freedom of our country. To see it on stage is an experience that will surpass the screen and written word.

Mahatma Gandhi. His non-violent ways, philosophy of passive resistance and faith, have and continue to shape the past, present and future of our nation. Not only did he give us significant values, he also taught us how to ingrain them into our daily lives.

The stage. Designed by Fali Unwalla, the sets — in their accurate representations and speedy transformations — are built to perfection. While doing justice to the musical, the sets and 3D mapping technologies make you appreciate all those hours that were spent into the making of this lavish backdrop.

The lead actors. Be it the versatile Chirag Vora who plays the role of Gandhi or Abhishek Krishnan who plays his younger version, a captivating cast and crew portray Gandhiji and the various facets of his life in a way that is most fitting.

The choreography. Be it the depiction of a battle – physical or emotional, the 12 dances choreographed by Bertwin D’Souza make the experience an enjoyable one.

The music and lyrics. Rock, jazz, classical and a hint of heavy metal rock — the first musical on Mahatma Gandhi, written and directed by Danesh R. Khambata, has something for everyone in the audience.

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