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October 12, 2014

Walk The Talk

Text by Nittal Chandarana. Illustration by Wyanet Vaz

The recent announcement by Apple made us take stock of the devices we adore, need and just plain need to trash. Forgive our ruthlessness!

More often than not, there comes a revolutionary piece of technology that will claim to change your life. And it will (until Apple announces an even sleeker, quicker, better-looking model-of-the-previous-version for a price that-must-not-be-named almost prompting one to sell a kidney to acquire that awesomeness). Here’s our list of tech devices we laud, marvel at and diss. 

Beg, borrow, steal We’re bowled over by these products and can’t wait to get our tech-ready hands on them. Yes, they spell luxury. Yes, there’s no real need for these but sometimes, all you need is a magic wand television remote to make you happy (Yes, it exists. You can finally wingardium leviosa your way to flipping channels!).

  1. Foldable Television Who would have thought that the world (meaning Samsung and LG) could fashion a foldable television screen. Available for sale come 2015, Samsung has expanded this idea to include other foldable screens including mobile phones, tabs and music players.
  2. AppleWatch/Android Wear They’re saying that this handsome piece of technology will enable us to send and receive messages, run a search, check time (duh), help with fitness, and of course, flaunt our wrists with abandon. The Android version is out. Apple did its huge announcement recently. (Read our piece on the Apple Way here.) Congratulations are in order.
  3. 3D Make-up Printer It exists. It’s not the most practical thing out there but imagine being able to create the product of your choice (and colour) merely by fiddling around on Photoshop. The possibilities are immense. You no longer have to worry about your favourite shade being discontinued or waiting for the launch of a brand new hue.

Life Hacks Trust us, life is a much better place with these and we don’t know how the world functioned before their existence.

  1. Power bank That beautiful device that lets you charge your phone batteries on-the-go. Reserve power is the new big thing. This phenomenal piece of machinery has been doing the rounds since a bit but we’re still amazed. Why didn’t anyone think of it sooner?
  2. Headphone phone For all those who constantly complain about radiation and who despise using headphones, enter the headphone phone. Shaped like your landline, all you do is plug it into your cell to jabber away to glory.
  3. Booster There’s always that one corner in your house/office that plain refuses to receive wifi. It’s a royal pain and more often than not, this corner will be the bed in your room, making it impossible to have a comfortable life. Just invest in a booster that when plugged in close to said corner, shall direct network to you. Problem? What problem?

Let it go We don’t know why these were invented or why they’re still up for grabs. But we believe that the world must be rid of them.

  1. Selfie pod Umm seriously? Selfies were bad enough but a device to facilitate and/or promote this horrendous habit? Spare us, please.
  2. Colour changing shower-head Amazon sometimes really goes overboard. This shower-head not only exists, but is sold online for $40. There are starving orphans in Somalia. Shame on you for even thinking about this.
  3. Tablets Oh c’mon, it’s not like you didn’t see that coming. Tablets are basically a fancy piece of accessory to glorify emails, listening to music and playing games on the go. No real good ever came out of these. And then Apple goes and makes an iPad Air. But, you pre-ordered that, didn’t you?
    PS: Don’t even get us started on Phablets.

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