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March 04, 2018

Food, Fantasy and Fiction: Our Reading List This Month

Text by Zaral Shah

A mythological queen, mesmerising paintings from the 18th century, and recipes to make your mouth water…here’s what we are reading

The Fisher Queen’s Dynasty
Kavita Kané
Westland Publications Ltd
Her writing has always been the kind to engage and amuse the reader at the same time. Be it in her previous bestsellers Sita’s Sister, Lanka’s Princess, Karna’s Wife or Menaka’s Choice, Kavita Kané has always told the stories of women in mythology, who in their own way have made a mark. Satyavati, the strongheaded queen of Hastinapur who suffered injustice and violation which set in motion a number of events, is the central character of Kané’s gripping new tale. Kané has encapsulated it all in her book — whether Satyavati’s long journey from being a fisherman’s adopted daughter to becoming queen, how her actions became a prelude to the Mahabharata, or how she was a more complex and layered character than one could have ever imagined.

The Lucknow Cookbook
Chand Sur And Sunita Kohli
Aleph Book Company
One of India’s richest culinary cities, Lucknow offers more to its visitors than most other places. It comes as no surprise then that a book about recipes local to the city is a definitive treasure trove of palate pleasers for anyone who harbours a penchant for food! A metropolis’ culture and soul is best reflected in its cuisine. Complete with stories and recipes of kebabs, vegetables, soups, many meats, the evergreen biryani, sweet treats and even pickles, the authors have brought together about 150 quintessential dishes — those which hold a special place in their hearts. For all those still resolute about keeping their New Year resolutions, the mouth-watering images of some of the dishes in the book might convince you to have a cheat day or week!

Chandrahas Choudhury
Simon & Schuster India
As soon as you manage to take your eyes off the enchanting illustration that adorns the cover of Choudhury’s latest work, you’re welcomed into a world of over half-a-dozen new key characters. The author’s first novel, Arzee The Dwarf, was translated into German and Spanish, shortlisted for the Commonwealth Best First Book prize and was selected by World Literature Today as one of the 60 essential English-language works of modern Indian literature. And now, this book sees a unique coming together of action on both ground and sky. Telling the tale of Farhad Billimoria and centred around ‘earth and sky, love and friendship, language and power’, Clouds is another fascinating novel by the young author.

Enchanting Vignettes

A Mystical Realm Of Love: Pahari Paintings From The Eva And Konrad Seitz Collection
J.P. Losty
Francesca Galloway

Pahari paintings have for decades been the object of many a collector’s fancy. And in this superbly illustrated tome, aficionados of these artworks will find themselves in the midst of an exquisite and unique collection. It is the lifelong passion of Eva and Konrad Seitz and you are drawn into the captivating stories of Hindu gods and the trials and tribulations of divine and erotic love with the turn of every page. Meticulously researched by J. P. Losty, curator emeritus of the British Library, and designed by Misha Anikst, this vibrant coffee-table book will surely find pride of place in your library!

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