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October 15, 2015

Fall TV Preview: 9 Hot New Shows To Watch

Text by Tanisha Choudhury

Here is the definitive list of new TV shows you should be watching…

The American fall TV season is much like the wilderness – it’s easy to get lost in, and everyone runs the risk of getting stuck under the ubiquitous heavy boulder of yet another crime procedural or medical drama they can’t-stop-watching-even-though-it-sucks. To prevent a 127 Hours type situation for you, we’ve scoured the net for news and trailers – good and bad, and created a list of shows we’re truly excited about. Will they be real oases or just mirages? Only time will tell.

1. Jessica Jones

What it’s about: Based on a character from Marvel comics, Jessica Jones is a former super-heroine who decides to reboot her life by becoming a private-detective.

Who is in it: Kristen Ritter, who has previously worked on Breaking Bad among other things, stars as the titular Jessica Jones. Carrie-Anne Moss and David Tenant star alongside.

Why we’re excited: The one-minute teasers released so far hint at the dark and brooding tone of the show as well as its visual flair. The reviews from a surprise screening of the pilot at NYCC are all positive, praising the show for subverting gender stereotypes, especially the kind that usually thrive in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The show also marks the first lesbian character in the MCU. A show about a female super-hero, that deals with sexuality in a nuanced and refreshing way? We are intrigued!

2. Into the Badlands

What it’s about: This dystopian martial arts drama follows a warrior, Sunny and a young boy who embark on a spiritual journey to a dangerous, ruthless area known as the Badlands, ruled by feudal barons.

Who is in it: The show has been created by Smallville creators Alfred Gough and Miles Millar.

Why we’re excited: Apart from the fact that this show marks the return of martial arts to TV, from the looks of the trailer, it’s going to be extremely stylish, with authentic fight sequences, beautiful art and production design, and visual flair.

3. Flesh and Bone

What it’s about: An intense dance drama mini-series about Claire, a talented but emotionally unstable ballerina who joins a New York City ballet company and is immersed in the cut-throat world of professional ballet.

Who is in it: The show is created by Moira Walley-Beckett, previously an executive producer and writer on Breaking Bad, and the writer of the award-winning episode Ozymandias.

Why we’re excited: Going by its creator’s previous credits, this show depicts the dark underbelly of a ballet company and is intensely dramatic and crisply written. To add authenticity and credibility, the main cast is made up not of professional actors who can dance, but rather of professional dancers who have lived through the experiences the show deals with.

4. Narcos

What it’s about: The series takes a chronicled look at the rise of cocaine drug cartels, specifically the exploits of notorious Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar and efforts by law enforcement to stop him.

Who is in it: Wagner Moura stars as Pablo Escobar while Boyd Holbrook plays an American DEA Agent. Pedro Pascal from Game of Thrones also stars alongside.

Why we’re excited: Fast-paced writing, a true story, a Goodfellas vibe and a stellar cast distract from the familiar outline of the show. To drive home the point of it being based on real events, the show often uses actual old footage of Escobar and the period.

5. The Expanse

What it’s about: It’s a space opera/mystery show based on a series of science-fiction novels of the same name, by James S. A. Corey. The show, set in a future where humanity has colonised the solar system, follows a police detective and the captain of a rogue ship as they unravel a conspiracy that threatens the peace and survival of humanity.

Who is in it: The show is created by the writers of Children of Men and Iron Man. The writers include Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck, the authors behind the pen-name James S. A. Corey.

Why we’re excited: Even though they are quite different in tone, we hope this promising looking show from SyFy will fill the Firefly-shaped whole in our hearts. The show is a bleak and gritty depiction of space travel and it shows humanity dealing with the recent stages of terra-forming and colonising new planets, something very few works of science-fiction deal with.

6. The Man in The High Castle

What it’s about: Based on the Philip K Dick novel of the same name, it is a dystopian alternate history series with an intriguing premise – what would life in North America be like if the Axis Powers had won the war.

Who is in it: The show has been created by Frank Spotnitz, the award-winning writer and producer of The X-Files and executive produced by Ridley Scott.

Why we’re excited: The pilot, which was released online by Amazon Prime, has received almost unanimous acclaim from critics. The captivating premise isn’t even the best part of the show – it is the fully realised world that the show has built along with its gripping plot and unsettling visuals like giant swastikas adorning Times Square. We’re sold!

7. Master of None

What it’s about: This Netflix comedy starring Aziz Ansari is partly based on the actor’s stand-up. It follows the adventures of Dev, an indecisive 30 year old actor who is loosely based on Ansari. Each episode deals with Dev’s ruminations on and experiences of a single theme, from the elderly to travel to food.

Who is in it: Starring Aziz Ansari, the show is co-created by him and his Parks and Recreation co-star and writer Alan Young. They are also executive producers on the show along with Parks and Rec co-creator Mike Schur. Famous guest stars include Claire Danes and Noah Emmerich, among others.

Why we’re excited: We’re mostly excited about this show because it brings together so many Parks and Recreation alums for another comedy. We’re also excited for Ansari to get a more concrete platform to flesh out his personal brand of comedy. In the eternal words of Tom Haverford, it’s time to “Treat Yo Self!”

8. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

What it’s about: A successful lawyer leaves behind her job and her life in New York, and moves to West Covina, California where her ex-boyfriend “just happens to live.”

Who is in it: It’s from the writer of The Devil Wears Prada and the director of 500 Days of Summer. comedian  and Youtube star Rebecca Bloom created the show and stars in it.

Why we’re excited: Have we mentioned this show about a girl who is slightly nuts, with dark humour and a unique voice is actually a musical comedy, complete with original song and dance numbers? Need we say more?

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