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May 02, 2015

Green, Green, Grass of Home

Text by Wyanet Vaz

Fabulae Naturae, Zegna’s eco-friendly project at the Expo Milano 2015 lets you experience a mix of art and food. Also, a tree could be named after you!

Remember that lesson on carbon footprints and reforestation we did in school? Well, if the Captain Planet episode is the only thing that comes to mind, we think a little bit of Googling is necessary. Most of us are happily unaware of the damage we cause the environment on a daily basis. So, the annual Expo Milano which is scheduled to be held from May 1 to October 31 this year, has been themed ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life’.

Ermenegildo Zegna has teamed up with the Expo to construct a gamut of events, all in support of the environment. Titled Fabulae Naturae, this project is being fostered by ZegnArt, the cultural division of the Italian luxury brand.

Watch out for:

1. As part of their Herbelien Fund (also known as Zegna’s comprehensive archive), Maria Luisa Frisa has curated a textile collection with over 2200 volumes of fabric. Walk through their their extensive wares and signature eco-friendly fabrics, all at Casa Zegna.

2. Don’t miss the giant installation of a tree designed by Lucy + Jorge Orta, whose branches create the food stations where chef Davide Oldani will serve his gourmet delicacies. Bridging the divide between art and food, the group’s headquarters will be transformed into a forest reminiscent of Oasi Zegna. For those who are unaware, Oasi Zegna is a freely accessible nature park in the Biella Alps (Piemonte), where families can undertake activities with nature.

3. Lucy + Orta’s visual and audio installation promises an out-of-this-world experience, letting you step into a fairy-tale world inhabited by fictional creatures.

Things to do:

1. Foodie alert! Try out Davide Oldani’s healthy and varied cuisine. Light and full of flavour, the quality is exceptional and you will also be able to taste Milan’s seasonal ingredients.

2. If you want to do your bit for the environment, make sure you purchase a limited edition porcelain Royal Limoges plate realised by Lucy + Jorge Orta, supporting the restoration of the Punta Mesco area. They say that for each plate sold, a tree will be planted and it will bear the name of the owner.

Fabulae Naturae by Ermenegildo Zegna will be on display at the Expo Milano in Italy on May 3, 2015. 

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