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September 13, 2017

Experience Aural Magic With Sir Karl Jenkins And Evgeny Bushkov This Month

Text by Shubham Ladha

Eminent artiste Jenkins and resident conductor Bushkov perform for The Symphony Orchestra of India this season in Mumbai

Celebrating a decade of its establishment, the Symphony Orchestra of India (SOI) returns this year with the world’s most-performed living composer, Sir Karl Jenkins, and presents his new piece, The Universe. Educated at London’s Royal Academy of Music, Jenkins’ The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace (2000) alone has been performed over 1,500 times in 20 different countries since its premiere.

One of today’s most interesting conductors, Evgeny Bushkov received early acclaim as a violinist. Bringing his exceptional performing experience and impeccable artistry to his role, he has worked with several orchestras across the globe, joining the SOI in January this year.

The two musicians talk to Verve about their work….

Sir Karl Jenkins
On his fascination for Indian instruments
“Last time I came and conducted there, I used two tabla players and a bansuri player with the orchestra. In my work The Peacemakers (2012), each movement has text by a legendary peacemaker, one of who is Gandhi; his words are: ‘I offer you peace. I offer you love. I offer you friendship’. I featured the wonderful bansuri player Ashwin Srinivasan on this movement with the London Symphony Orchestra.”

On the challenges
“Well, it’s always about starting the next piece and I must make that start. One cannot wait for inspiration, divine or otherwise, since it may never arrive. It’s easier if I have words (real text unlike Adiemus, 1995), since I can draw the mood from it.”

Evgeny Bushkov
On the ‘personalities’ of orchestras
“One ensemble may have great string sound, another, an excellent wind or brass section; some orchestras are specialising in the contemporary repertory, others in romantic or classical. I believe that the SOI is a very even orchestra with a wonderful balance of all groups. That is the result of the high standards of its artistic director Marat Bisengaliev. I am convinced that this orchestra will achieve great heights in performing all kinds of repertories.”

On western music in India
“Our efforts are aimed at widening the scale of previously unperformed works, as well as continuing the educational and entertaining programmes for children and families.”

The Symphony Orchestra of India will perform at NCPA, Mumbai from September 13-28, 2017.

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