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September 03, 2014

Eat. Sleep. Rave. Repeat.

Text by Nittal Chandarana

From Ladakh to Kerala, Verve helps you fill up your event calendars for the upcoming months with six exciting happenings

Art and culture are pushed into the forefront as our country preps up for an eclectic fare. The months of September and October will witness an infectious festive fever pervading the nation. Pack your bags and festival-hop across the country. There’s no better time to take a break.

1. Cheat Treat: Ladakh Festival, Ladakh
Type: Crossover
Ask for Leave: 1st – 15th September
Indulge: Music, Polo, Archery, Folk Dances, Art and Handicrafts
No, really. Why? It’s Ladakh. That alone must make you want to take a mini-sabbatical and rush. All this happening against the backdrop of the dreamy hills.

2. Cheat treat: Paradise Festival, Kashmir
Type: Music, art and adventure
Ask for Leave: 11th – 15th September
Indulge: Uzulu, Freeatmah & Sonic Species and other musical acts, adventure activities, camping.
No, really. Why? Aptly named, this festival is held at a picturesque location; India’s very own claim to heaven. Now imagine camping here for near a week and being spoilt for choice. A crossover festival always has you hoping you could be in three places at once, with the best of everything.

3. Cheat treat: Ziro Festival, Arunachal Pradesh
Type: IndieMusic
Ask for Leave: 25th – 28th September
Indulge: Calling all indie music lovers! This year’s line-up includes Ska Vengers, Imphal Talkies, Laxmi Bomb, The Vinyl Records, We The Giants and many more.
No, really. Why? Held at Ziro Valley, a World Heritage Site, this festive venue offers ample space to pitch tent, indulge in activities other than the festival and enjoy an indie treat. Sounds good to us.

4. Cheat treat: Soorya Festival, Kerala
Type: Classical dance and music
Ask for Leave: 1st – 10th October
Indulge: Indian classical dance and music in their base form. Purists are going to love this one. Kathakali, Bharatnatyam and a host of other treats.
No, really. Why? Because they’re dance forms from our country and boy have we come up with some elaborate, beautiful movements and beats!

5. Cheat treat: Rajasthan International Folk Festival (RIFF)
Type: Music and art
Ask for Leave: 8th – 12th October
Indulge: Over 250 musicians from the country and the world over participate in this musical melee.
No, really. Why? It is timed to coincide with Sharad Purnima or the biggest full moon of the year. Music under a moonlit night. How can you pass that up?

6. Cheat treat: MAMI Film Festival, Mumbai
Type: Film
Ask for Leave: 14th – 21st October
Indulge: Imagine a day wherein 5 different movies were screened at the six-odd screens of a multiplex for a week and you had the liberty to watch anything that you desired. It’s a cinephile’s ultimate fantasy.
No, really. Why? MAMI exposes you to movies from world over and thereby giving one deep insight into the lives of people across the globe. It transports you to obscure places multiple times a day when you could be sitting in the same place all the while. It’s an experience.

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