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December 28, 2016

Discover Four Worlds In This Window Display

Text by Wyanet Vaz

Separated and connected by boundaries…Hermès’ window display is an intriguing insight into the universe

Early this year, the Hermès store at the Liat Towers in Singapore housed an exciting window display by artist Swedish artist Thomas Broome who dabbles in calligrams (check it here). Now, they wrap up 2016 by uncovering the enchanting work of Japanese artist Takashi Kuribayashi. Throughout his career, his focus has been about discovering the mysterious realms of the universe, and boundaries that distinguish natural from man-made. ‘I believe this world is constructed by opposing contrasts.’ His latest work, Resonance of Nature, is nestled in an Hermès window display and uses the brand’s products to bring together these two worlds.

The singular flash of lightning recalls the majestic force of nature, interesting elements like the horizontal and vertical axis depict a four-dimensional universe and the entire window works as effective food for thought.

In conversation with Takashi Kuribayashi…

How has art helped you in discovering the unusual?
“Art exists as a medium to understand and recognise the relationship between the universe and oneself. It also helped me understand and recognise how I connect with the world.”

In all your years, what has been your most interesting find? What shocked you?
“The most interesting discovery has been the realisation that art is the world that an artist creates. And that just because a person creates art that doesn’t mean that he is an artist. Being an artist is a way of life and art is a result of that way of life. ”

What binds your ideas on the invisible realms and Hermès’ vision as a brand?
“Things like technology and trust are invisible even though they seem visible. I feel that I share an empathy with Hermès since both the brand and myself make consciousness, images, and fantastic worlds come to life.”

What is the underlying message that you want to share with the audience?
“Do not believe this world too much. Question what you see and the information that comes to you. The world is a wonderful place and it is not only for a handful of people. Respect nature.”

Resonance of Nature by Takashi Kuribayashi is displayed at the Hermès store in Liat Towers, Singapore till March 2017. 

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